10 Cute Hairstyles For Girls Who Regret Cutting Their Hair Short
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10 Cute Hairstyles For Girls Who Regret Cutting Their Hair Short

So you can still look darling as you wait for your hair to grow back.

10 Cute Hairstyles For Girls Who Regret Cutting Their Hair Short

As I headed back to college this year I made the decision to chop all of my hair off again. I had done it once two years before then, towards the beginning of my senior year of high school. At the time, I absolutely loved it. Ever since third grade, my hair had always been long. But this time, it was different. I chopped it again in an effort to try and renew myself, and prepare myself for the coming school year. Little did I know, this second time around would not be as pleasant as the first time. Now as I scour the internet for homemade remedies for how to grow your hair faster, these are the top 10 cutest hairstyles I could find until my hair grows back.

For tutorials on some of these check out these great videos I found:

1.Jordan Lipscombe

2. Fabulous Hannah'

3. Laura Lee

1. French Braids

Generic, but super cute. One thing about short hair that I will always enjoy is the ability to have the cute short french braids look. After a shower, put your hair into these and wear them throughout the day. Then go to bed with the braids still in. The next day, the braids will either still be intact enough to wear a second time, or take them out for look number two.

2. Half the hair in a bun/ponytail*


The easiest hairstyle to have with short hair is a half up, half down look. It allows you to not have to worry about styling your hair too much. Pulling up the half part of your hair can hide grease, and can allow you from worrying about any bumps your hair may possibly have from the night before. Look #1 can also add a nice texture to your hair if you have super wonky hair or are tired of straightening it.

3. Low space buns


This style keeps your hair back and out of your face, while also giving you some personality. Pull strands of hair out on the side to frame your face and twist parts of your hair to add some diversity in how the hair reflects light.

4. High space buns


Another half up/half down look, but this time with two buns. Not all people can pull this off, but on days where you are feeling a little adventurous, this works perfectly with any outfit really. It also could be a conversation starter.

5. High ponytail with clips*


You'll probably have to straighten your hair to get the best results on this one, but pulling your hair into a high ponytail can be very cute with short hair. The strands that barely fit into the ponytail will stick out. hilariously. The hair that falls out of the ponytail can be pinned up with hair clips (any color, depending on how you want it to look).

6. Messy bun with clips*


Similar to the above look but this time just through it in a circular motion as you get it up there. Hair will fall out a lot more than the ponytail, so have a few extra pins handy.

7. Low messy ponytail*

This is my go-to if I don't have time in the morning. Make sure you pull some of your hair out to loosen the look and frame your face so that you don't look like a librarian. (Not that there is much wrong with them since I wanted to be one when I was little).

8. Low messy bun*

Same as the above look, just with a bun. This is nice for at night when you are just wanting to get your hair out of your face and don't really care what your hair looks like, but when styled correctly can be a cute look to put with some outfits.

9. Sleek and straight


This is simple, just straighten your hair. It can add some length to your hair as you wear it for the time being, and can be used for more formal events.

10. Half-up/half-down braids


While I've never personally worn this, I've seen a few girls with short hair wear it. I think it is super cute and could work well on a casual night out or on a date. Whatever you choose is up to you!

*Can use scrunchies with this to add personality

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