Curly Hair Problems And Their Easy Solutions
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I've Got 99 Problems And My Naturally Curly Hair Is DEFINITELY One — Or More

No matter your hair type, we all have reached a point where we understand why Brittney Spears went bald.

I've Got 99 Problems And My Naturally Curly Hair Is DEFINITELY One — Or More

To anyone who has curly hair: I feel your pain. To anyone who dyes their hair: I feel your pain. To anyone who has hair: I FEEL YOUR PAIN. One of the things I struggle with most on a day-to-day basis is what the heck to do with my hair. Being a college student with a part-time job, there is absolutely NO TIME to deal with ANY extra, minor problems. However, one problem that there seems to be no real solution to is my freaking hair.

I am a natural blonde. Well, technically I WAS a natural blonde. As I've gotten older, my light blonde hair has become darker and darker, causing for me to make a choice: continuously dye/highlight it blonde every 5-8 weeks or embrace my not-blonde, not-brown, dirty-blond hair. To those who wear their natural hair color with pride, GO YOU! Unfortunately, for individuals like myself who began dying their hair at the age of 14, it is a never-ending process to keep up with! One that costs an insane amount of money for a college student.

Limited on spending money, having roots about a mile long (OK, not really a mile, but sometimes it feels this way!), and TERRIFIED to box dye my hair, I am once again left with this choice: let it grow out or spend approximately $110 to get my curly blonde hair blonde again. For the first time in forever (cue cast of "Frozen") I am considering dying my hair brown. This is such a scary thought for someone who has been blonde their whole life. Change is not something that I embrace easily; however, I am about to admit defeat and let my hair be who it wants to be: which is, now, apparently brunette.

Sometimes I consider cutting it all off! It is such a hassle! Not to mention, mine is CURLY. For anyone with curly hair, it goes without saying: you understand my dilemma on a personal level. For everyone else, APPRECIATE YOUR STRAIGHT HAIR. I know it always seems greener on the other side of the pasture, but just take my word for it: naturally, curly hair is the devil's hairstyle of choice.

So, what can you do with YOUR hair when you are getting ready to go to class, work, or town in the mornings? Here are a few simple tricks that I do to tame my hair on a day to day basis.

1. The Classic High Ponytail

For those of you with long hair, this is an awesome option when going to school, the gym, or running errands. It is an easy way to create a put-together look, while also putting in minimum effort. It holds your hair away from your face, but also looks sophisticated enough to wear to work.

2. The High Messy Bun

This is my personal go-to look since I have naturally curly hair. Having a high bun places all of the hair out of your face, but also confines it to one area that tames curly hair. When you can't brush your hair in order to rock the high ponytail, the messy bun is a perfect option, since it appears as though you WANT your hair to appear "messy."

3. The Low Ponytail

Similar to the high ponytail, the low ponytail is a quick fix to messy hair. It allows you to throw the hair back and not think about it for the rest of the day!

4. A Nice Braid

Braids are a great way to confine all your hair to the back of your head. This is ALMOST like a ponytail, but it appears as if you put more effort into your appearance. A braid yells sophisticated, athletic, and practical.

5. Pulled back in a thick headband

By far the easiest hairstyle to create. Sometimes when your hair is somewhat cooperative, all you need is a thick headband to keep your face from being covered in your hair.

6. A low bun

At one point or another, every lady I know has had the "screw this" moment and put their hair in a low bun. It is the lazy girl's saving grace. So, if you are having one of those days ladies, just throw it back in a low bun and take on the world like the powerful woman you are.

7. Space Buns

For the adventurous and bold styled women out there, the space buns are super cute and functional. Embrace your unique hairstyle and rule the world.

8. Wear a Hat

If your hair has defeated you, a hat is always an option. Pop one on your head and go about your day feeling confident again!

No matter what your hair length and style you have, what color your hair is, or the texture of your hair YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Embrace your curls, rock your straight hair, let your waves blow in the wind. You are perfect. You are unique. You are You, and no one else can do you better than you. Remember that you are more than a hairstyle. Everyone has bad hair days. Some people also have bad hair for weeks, months, and years. Don't let that defeat you! Let yourself shine! Take on the world with your messy, unbrushed, under-dyed, frizzy, hellish hair and all!

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