Read about our hardest year of high school through poems

12 Haikus Describing Our Journey Through Junior Year

Our junior year in poetry.

By: Safa Ghaya, Oneeka Kohli, Sheetal Tadiparty and Meghana Vadranam

The pressure of junior year is the hardest. No matter if you are a junior in high school or if you are a junior in high school, it is usually your most important year of grades, extracurriculars and the 10,000 other things you are doing to be different. However, with the thousands of bad and stressful times there are some fun and relaxing times! Our journey through our junior year in high school has had its own ups and downs, so here is our story!

The Story of High School

In Georgia high schools

All that is done is studying

Students are always sad

The first day

The first day of school

Would rather watch Netflix and Chill

Or even just sleep

Club Fair

The flood of info

People shouting to join their club

All you do is run


Friends, you lose some

You gain some and that is life

In all this chaos

Stress Breaks

A special moment

We finally get a break

From all the school work.

Community Nights

Placebo Effect

Fake days without homework

So that tests pile up


Dressing up for the fun night

Dancing, screaming, laughing

We all let go

International Night

Full of screaming voices

Talent fills the atmosphere

Dance, Sing, Act, Play, Cheer

Standardized Tests

SAT, ACT, EOC, APs, Finals

The tests never seem to end

Stressing for college


Students are really sad

What did we do this semester

We all are gonna fail

AP Exams

Advance Placement

Physics, Calculus, Psych, Lang

The future is here


The hard times are here

Recommendation letters

SAT, Clubs, ACT, future

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