A Haiku For Each Odyssey Article I've Written

Ah, the season of love.

Just because I didn't have a special someone to be romantic with on Valentine's Day doesn't mean that I rule all romance out during this lovey dovey season.

Here, written in the most romantic language of all, are ten Haiku, one for every article I've written on Odyssey so far.

1. 16 Things You Experienced If You Grew Up Bilingual

You are bilingual.

Sometimes it is frustrating,

Pays off in the end.

2. 12 Animal Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Immediately

Unique animals,

Majestically living life,

Brighten up your day.

3. The 11 Stages Of Winter Break At Home

Yes! Finally break!

Time to eat all of the food...

I miss friends from school

4. 11 Things You Know If You're A Fraternal Twin

I'm pretty stoked that

I get a free therapist,

Who I hate sometimes

5. How I Actually Followed My Resolutions For 2017

Drinking some water

and following baby steps.

Turned my life around

6. The Most Thoughtful Gifts I've Ever Received

The most thoughtful gifts

Come in all shapes and sizes.

I will cherish them.

7. I Went Back To The 80'S Through My Mom's Closet

Before I found these,

I thought my mom was boring.

She was so stylish.

8. 23 Of My Most Played Songs Of 2017

I love Spotify,

Remembers my favorites,

Plays it back to me.

9. A Beginner Yogi's Thoughts On Yoga

Look inward and try

Not to think about the sweat

That is pouring out.

10. Dress For Success

Just another day,

And another button down.

Let's conquer the world.

11. A Haiku for Every Odyssey Article I've Written

Oh wait there's one more!

Writing Haiku is so fun.

Everyone should try.

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