The 11 Stages Of Winter Break At Home

After experiencing two winter breaks, I've noticed a trend...

Stages 1: We out.

Finals have sucked the life out of you and you just want to LEAVE.

Stage 2: Hibernation mode.

NO alarms allowed.

Stage 3: Netflix.

Hours and hours of guilt-free binge-watching. YES.

Stage 4: Time to PARTAYY.

With holiday spirits high and New Year's Eve right around the corner, there's nothing holding me back.

Stage 5: Eating home-cooked meals.

I have endured my own cooking far too long.

Stage 6: Reunions with high school friends.

You realize how civil everyone has become.

Stage 7: BOREDOM.

You've watched everything on Netflix and nobody seems to be free.

Stage 8: Reflection.

Break is almost over, and the impending semester is slowly becoming a reality. It's time to think about all the mistakes you've made, all the lessons you've learned, and all the resolutions that will be broken (just kidding, I believe in you).

Stage 9: Exhaustion.

The post-celebration slump when you've used up all your energy, and also realized being home means having to put up with your parents' nagging (but they love you and you'll eventually miss that during school).

Stage 10: Appointments galore.

It's more convenient back home...and I have SO much time.

Stage 11: Kinda missing school.

Yeah, it's been a while since I've been a productive human being and I miss my friends at school.

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