Who else can relate?

1. You check Discord before any other social media.

You couldn't care less about what Aunt Kelly's boys are doing or what borderline-offensive political statement Uncle Joe is posting today, you've got to see what the gang is up to and who's playing what because if it is something good YOU WANT IN.

2. Your fingers instantly go to "QWER" or "WASD" instead of "ASDF" and "JKL:". 

You can probably type 500 words per minute when you have to explain something in team chat/ all chat, but for the life of you when you sit down to bust out an essay for class you have to spend a couple minutes remembering what middle school tried, adamantly, to ingrain into your brain.

3. You can't help but speak up for your side of the PC-Console War. 

There is a correct side, and the previous point alludes to which, but you're more than welcome to be incorrect if you disagree. Don't look at the cover image it only weakens my argument.

4. You decline gifts and offers to be "carried," because you don't want to be seen as a "Gamer Girl."

Plenty of women (and men posing as women) have no problem being barraged with in-game skins, in-game currency, games on your steam wish list, or they attempt to charm and impress you with their video game prowess, usually by way of minimizing your own plays, but that's beside the point. You don't want to lead them on and you don't need their charity.

5. You call yourself "a gamer," just "a gamer."

The title of this article aside, you don't add your gender to your title of gamer.

6. You've got a love-hate relationship with Todd Howard.

You want "Fallout 76" to be good, you want the next "Elder Scrolls VI" game to be good, and you've got your pitchfork ready should one or the other or both be subpar. Maybe I'm just projecting a little here though.

7. You find it somewhat bizarre when people own an Apple computer. 

Can people even game properly on one of those? If so, isn't that a sin? I think there's a couple lines in Leviticus about this.