Name Drop: 5 Guys Taylor Swift Called Out In Songs
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Name Drop: 5 Guys Taylor Swift Called Out In Songs

Some of them are lucky. Some not so much.

Name Drop: 5 Guys Taylor Swift Called Out In Songs
Callie Spencer

From lovers to losers, these guys have been immortalized in song. All eyes are on the inspiration behind these bops and ballads. It's one thing to have Taylor Swift write a song about you. It's another thing for everyone to know.

Tim McGraw

Obviously, Tim McGraw is not one of Taylor Swift's lovers. But he is prominent in her first single, which is named after him. One of his songs had a special place in her heart and her relationship.

When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think of me.

Swift and McGraw later collaborated on the song Highway Don't Care. I waited years to listen to it, and I regret all the time I didn't listen to it. You should go listen to it now after you listen to Tim McGraw.


Mug shot

Hendersonville Police Department

Teardrops on my Guitar mentions Drew multiple times. He's from Taylor Swift's pre-fame days, though, so we wouldn't know him. Swift has given us some more information on him, though. His full name is Andrew Hardwick. Apparently, he showed up to her house two years after she wrote a song about him. He said, "Hey, how's it going?" And she was like, "Wow, you're late? Good to see you?"

Drew was arrested in 2015 for child abuse. That's another reason for teardrops on her guitar.

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see.

Watch the music video here.


The subject of Stay Beautiful is Taylor Swift's 4th-grade crush, Corey Robinson. According to Swift, "He liked the cool girl. She had straight hair. Little did he know, I was writing songs about him after school."

Corey's eyes are like a jungle//Corey finds another way to be the highlight of my day.

Listen to the song here.


Stephen in 2013

Hey Stephen is the first of two songs that names the guy it's about in the title. The Stephen in this song is Stephen Barker Liles from the band Love and Theft. His band opened for Taylor back in 2008 and she had a crush on him. In response to the song that bears his name, he said, "It's totally flattering to have somebody write a song like that for you." Also, the hidden message in Hey Stephen (spelled out in uppercase letters in the lyric booklet) is love and theft. It finally makes sense.

Hey Stephen, why are people always leaving? I think you and I should stay the same.

Listen to the song here.

Dear John

Dear John is the second song to name the guy in the title. Now, John is a common name. So common that I've been able to apply this song to two or three Johns over the years. But it can be said with a great deal of certainty that Taylor wrote this song about her ex, John Mayer. They dated from December 2009 through February 2010. It didn't end well, but it inspired a pretty awesome song.

Clocking in at 6:44, it's the longest Taylor Swift song. It details their treacherous, fragile relationship and how Taylor felt like she couldn't keep up with the changing rules. Their relationship was pivotal for her, partially because he's rumored to be the guy she lost her virginity to. It was probably cathartic to write a nearly 7-minute song about him, especially since he was "humiliated" by it.

Don't you think 19's too young to be messed with? The girl in the dress wrote you a song. I should've known.

Listen to the song here. I also recommend watching the live version.

Go listen to the songs and do some more digging on the guys behind them. You'll be glad you did.

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