To my future husband...

I pray that you're okay. I pray that you're loving, learning, being stupid, making mistakes, and finding yourself. Whether you're playing varsity football or studying to cure cancer one day I hope you're doing it with all your heart. I hope your parents are teaching you how to love and love well. I hope you're doing stupidly fun things with your friends every chance you get because I can't wait to hear all the stories. Stories of you hanging out on a Saturday night the summer before you go off the college with your buddies and whatever follows after I can't wait to hear about how you and your friends had the craziest times together at 1 am after the Friday night football game. I can't wait to hear about the girls you dated and what was great and what you learned from those relationships.

And I pray that all those stories have made you into the man standing across from me at the aisle on the best day of my life. I pray those stories have made you strong. Strong enough to help me during my darkest times and during things I couldn't even imagine to face alone. I hope those stories have made you loving because even though I will do everything in my power to never hurt you, I'm human to and I make mistakes. So please, please love me on my worst days. I also hope that those stories have made you a complete goofball because I love to laugh. I hope all of those stories teach you responsibility, compassion, and kindness. And finally, most importantly, I hope that those stories have made you into a man of God. A man that always owns up to his mistakes, loves unconditionally, is a hard worker, a provider, and a man that will always love God more then he loves me. I pray that every moment in your life leading up to this day has made you someone capable of spreading Gods word. I pray those stories have made you a Godly man.

I can't wait until God brings you into my life. I know that day is going to be the start of the rest of my happiness. So don't be afraid. Don't fear that you won't be good enough, because I know you will be. I know that there is no one more perfect for me then you. I know that God wouldn't bring you to me until you're ready so please don't be afraid. You'll be ready. And until you are, please be safe and live your life, nothing makes me happier then knowing you're doing just that. I love you, whoever you are.