To The Guy That Doesn't Understand I'm In A Relationship

To The Guy That Doesn't Understand I'm In A Relationship

Stop embarrassing your girlfriend and making yourself look ridiculous.

It has come to my attention that you are messaging me all while you are living with your current girlfriend. I have a boyfriend myself and don't care for the unnecessary attention that you are giving me. What is the point of trying to talk to me? Are you bored with your own relationship?

I'll state something that I think everyone knows, but since you are messaging me I don't think you are aware: I have a boyfriend. It's obvious from my status on Facebook, reading, "in a relationship with... (for personal reasons I won't put his name in here)." Most of my pictures, probably 95%, are not just by myself, but you guessed it, with my boyfriend. There should be no confusion that I am involved with him and have been for quite some time (three years to be exact so, yes, it's serious). We tag each other in posts and we are constantly together, so he knows about this too.

If you have a girlfriend and are making an attempt at trying to smooth talk me, then you can leave me alone. If you are not happy with your relationship for some reason, then don't try to talk to me, because mine is going great. I don't see a reason to message me, "hi," or "what's up," when clearly I have no intention of conversation. You are only ruining your own trust with your significant other, and putting them in a terrible situation. I feel bad, more for her, because not only are you trying to talk to me, but also others around the area. People talk and things like this don't really go unnoticed here.

I respect my boyfriend, and I don't need to converse with someone else. I'm not lonely and do not need to confide into someone else. I am just fine the way things are. This is a problem, with not just me, but I know others have felt this too. I am getting unwanted messages, and then being called things like "rude" and "a bitch" when I tell you I am not interested, and want to be left alone. You should have known better than to try to talk to me when I clearly do not want to give you my time, patience, and attention. That does not make me a bitch, but it does make you annoying, and makes me look down on you for being a boyfriend who tries to continuously go after other girls behind her back.

Stop embarrassing your girlfriend and making yourself look ridiculous. Thank you.

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