From a young age, I've always said I am a girls' girl. I thought since I wasn't into sports or outdoorsy things that were considered manly that I was always destined to always have friends who are girls. Boy was I wrong, I didn't realize until I was in college that it was the complete opposite.

Growing up, I was extremely close with my older brother. The older I got, the more we became distant from each other because of different things going on in our life. While I always missed the closeness I had with my brother, I didn't realize that having friends who are guys would be the perfect replacement for this sadness.

Even though I would consider myself more girly, having guy friends rounds me. Having guys around to give you advice at times can be better than girl advice. You get a different perspective on issues that maybe you might not have thought of. Even having different views on life can challenge what I am thinking. Since the majority of guys I was friends with didn't always like talking about their feelings, it was easier to go to them when I was sad. They don't always have to ask you questions about why I was sad, they can sense it and just try and make you feel better.

From simple things like doing face masks with me when I was stressed about school or life, to bringing me to get fast food when I wanted to stress eat to blaring pop music and Taylor Swift. I even learned small things like video games can actually be fun and my friends are there to pick on me until I get better. Having a constant sport while they were joking was one thing I truly loved about having guy friends. Honesty was also a big thing. Most girls want to uplift each other and find it hard, to be honest with constructive criticism. This is the complete opposite with guys; for the most part, they are brutally honest. Which is something I found refreshing, this helped me when I truly wanted an honest answer about something.

After being surrounded by mostly friends who are guys in college, it has made me realized that every girl should have at least one guy friend. They are honesty and support that every girl needs in their life. Even if you do or don't have a brother, they make you feel like you have a family at college. Having mostly guy friends has been one of the best decisions of college.