I'll be the first to admit that I've had my fair share of laughs at Guy Fieri's expense over the years. I've joked about his hair. Joked about how he looks like the lead singer from Smashmouth. Joked about his ridiculous catchphrases. Hell, I even wrote a humorous article about Guy Fieri's Spotify playlist a few months ago.

However, after some thought, I've come to the conclusion that I (and society as a whole) have been way too tough on Guy Fieri.


Sure, he might be a walking meme. And sure, he may be the epitome of the American stereotype, with his unhealthy eating habits, hair, and muscle cars. And yes, this video of him eating to Johnny Cash's "Hurt" may be the greatest video in the history of the internet.

But behind all of the trans fat, frosted tips, and tattoos is a guy who, by all accounts, is a terrific human being.

I'm sure you've heard by now, but the entire state of California is basically burning to the ground thanks to a mass of about 15 wildfires. The biggest of said fires is the Carr wildfire, which has set 103,000 acres ablaze and displaced almost 38,000 people.

And who's there right now, making sure that these people have food in their tummies?

Guy Fucking Fieri.


Right now, Guy Fieri and his relief organization, Operation BBQ Relief (don't laugh), are set up in Redding, CA making 1,000 meals twice a day. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. They plan on eventually providing 5,000 meals per day if the need is there.

But hold on to your massive, square sunglasses, because that's not even Guy Fieri's most impressive feat of philanthropy.

Because in 2015, immediately after Florida legalized gay marriage, Guy Fieri became an ordained minister and officiated 101 gay marriages in a single day in memory of his sister, who died of melanoma in 2010 and was a lesbian. And as if that wasn't enough, he also provided food for the massive reception for all 101 couples.



Where the hell is Bobby Flay? Where's Wolfgang Puck? Where's Mario Batali? (*cough cough* in jail *cough cough*)

Not in California, I can tell you that much! Actually don't quote me on that, because I haven't done my research. But as far as I know, they aren't in California!

But Guy Fieri is! Send him your tired, your weak, and your huddled masses, and he shall deliver!

Guy Fieri is an American hero!