A Guide To E-Boys And E-Girls
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A Guide To E-Boys And E-Girls

So you think you have what it takes to be an E-Boy or E-Girl?

A Guide To E-Boys And E-Girls

With VSCO girls being all the rage, it's important to take a look at the other side of the spectrum: the E-Boys and E-Girls. They could technically be their own species. They're different and unique, and they definitely feel like they own their personality better than anyone else. They're #quirky and #relatable, but not in a basic way, of course.



There are many different kinds of styles e-boys and e-girls tend to have, though they all seem to have one general outfit that all of them have somewhere in their closet. This outfit starts off with a black band t-shirt. If it's something more old mainstream or something completely indie, the better. Underneath that amazing band t-shirt is a black and white stripped shirt, preferably with medium thickness stripes and having a turtleneck. If it doesn't, you'll be okay but it won't be as perfect. In addition to those, baggy black jeans, almost in a mom style, are a must. Whether they have rips in them is up to you, but they need to look heavy duty. A belt with some chains attached are needed next. Then, finally, a pair of socks, either black or ones with flames on them, and black checkered vans to pull off the whole look.



Makeup for e-girls and e-boys can also be fairly diverse, but there are a few staple things e-girls need to do to consider themselves an e-girl, and the same for e-boys.

E-Girls: E-girls must have long winged eyeliner, and it has to be good. The point has to be sharp and 'on fleek'. Anything less than perfect isn't acceptable. Next is a little stamped heart under the eye. Normally this goes off to the side underneath the winged eyeliner, but some e-girls put the heart directly under the middle of their eye to line up with their pupil. E-girls must has have pink eye shadow that they use underneath their eye to make them seem younger and more child-like. The last piece needed is high-lighter just on the tip of the nose.

E-Boys: E-boys can be a little different because some guys are uncomfortable wearing makeup. If a guy can pull off eyeliner it's encouraged. They can also put a little eyeliner in the corner of their lips in order to give the impression that their mouth is bigger than it is.



These are also different per e-girl and e-boy.

E-Girls: Pigtails and a middle part. Having your nails painted black is good, having them slightly chipped is even better.

E-Boys: A middle part for the hair is a must, as well as probably using a little bit of gel to make it a little stiffer. It's also required to have one ear pierced. Instead of having an earring though, you have to use a safety pin. Black nail polish is also required.



The one main thing needed by every e-boy and e-girl are the LED strip lights that can go around their room. They have to be the ones that can change colors and everything. If you don't have those kinds of lights, you really can't call yourself an e-girl/e-boy. It's also nice if you have a skateboard, Hot Topic and Vans stickers, and several band posters.



One of the most important hobbies of e-girls and e-boys is TikTok. In order to fully be an e-girl or e-boy you have to have a TikTok account and you must upload content almost every day. It's important and it's an easy way for fellow e-girls and e-boys to interact. Truthfully, it shouldn't even be called a hobby, it's a lifestyle...



Talents often times include going cool transitions on TikTok and gaining followers at a rapid pace. Though, when not online making content for the masses, e-girls and e-boys can be found at the skate park doing cool tricks on their boards. Even if they're just beginners on the board, they can probably do it better than you so it's best not to mess with them.


Finally, vocabulary. Though there isn't any specific lingo that one needs to know to become an e-boy or e-girl, it's best to know every single TikTok audio ever created. Now... that seems like quite the task, but just by using the app for at least 8 hours of the day and making your own TikToks will have you getting those audios memorized in no time!

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