Guide to choose and enjoy spa sessions
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Guide to choose and enjoy spa sessions

Choosing massage and treatment according to your needs will allow you to reduce stress elimination better.

Guide to choose and enjoy spa sessions

An expert tells you which one to choose and why. The overwhelming work routine can become an enemy of our physical and mental health, not only affecting our body causing "office" diseases - such as gastritis, colitis, stress, among others - but also directed our body towards premature ageing.

But calm down! Experts from massage Singapore ensure that these effects may be reversible if the demands are met skin and body as soon as possible, And what better place to do it than a spa. Yes, we all know these relaxation centers to enjoy after a week of long work stress, however, relaxation and massages are not all that these places offer, many specialized spas have been given the task of having the best technology and with the best specialists to offer its clients cosmetic treatments according to their needs.

Basic treatments against work-related stress

We know that the demands that managers and managers face in an organization are great and we also know that time - in many cases - is a big problem and that is why it is difficult to invest and distribute it.

"Massage is a technique that returns us a lot of what we have, and that sometimes we have forgotten about work life and social demands, these techniques provide us with a better blood circulation, stimulates the immune system, favors the elasticity of muscles and joints, but above all, it acts as a neurosedant, causing relaxation and stability in our body, "says the specialist.

However, there is a wide variety of massages and you should be careful when choosing the one that covers the needs of your body and mind because not choosing the right one could make it not work as it should.

Taking into account the demands of the office and work stress, the outcall massage Singapore gives us a massage guide to meet the needs of executives. So do not go blind to these centers and pay attention to what you're great demands are!

1. Holistic techniques

Balance three entities of your being: mind, body and spirit. "These massages are recommended when one of these three factors is altered or in poor condition. The body to function properly must be balanced and holistic massages are responsible for achieving that balance, also taking into account other external factors such as psychology, nutrition and the environment.

2. Rest massages

These massages are recommended for suffering or pain caused by work routine: back pain, joints, hands, feet, etc.

"They are very requested by executives, these massages are responsible for relieving all the inconvenience of sitting, behind the wheel, meetings, and so on. They are also unlocking and applied to all parts of the body, "says the specialist.

3. Stress massage

It is not the same as a rest massage; this is responsible for making the flow of your body flow, as well as accumulated stress. It is performed more actively and deeply at the muscular level, this causes a feeling of relief and awakening.

4. Reflexology technique

These types of massages are responsible for working more internally - the organs of our body - through certain parts of our body.

"From the feet can work the digestive system, lungs, kidneys or some internal discomfort. Managers and executives develop diseases such as colitis, gastritis, kidney problems, among others; and these can be relieved throughout the body. "

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