A Guide To Sorority Rush
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A Guide To Sorority Rush

Time for pearls and perfectly outfitted girls.

A Guide To Sorority Rush

If you are anything like me during my senior year of high school, all you have been thinking about since September is college. Finally getting away, the ultimate freedom, with everything that comes with it. One of those things on my mind specifically was sorority rush. I am now in Zeta Tau Alpha at East Carolina University, new member class of Fall 2014. Getting to this point has been, well, interesting to say the least. From rituals, to philanthropy, big little reveal, and so much more. But rush is where it all began....

Rush is probably the most stressful week of your freshman year...that is if you are a girl. Boys have it so easy going from house party to house party meeting all the "bros." There are barely any rules compared to sorority rush. First, you will need to know is the specific days throughout the week of rush: Meet and greet, Philanthropy Day, House Tour, Pref Night, and Bid Day.

First off is Meet and Greet. This will make your head spin, meeting every single sorority on campus and being shuffled around with a million and one other girls. You will get a Pi Chi, a girl from a chapter on campus who will be with you every step of the way. You won't get to know which particular chapter she is from until Bid Day, so she may not sway your decision. On this day you will want to wear a romper, nice shorts (j. crew, Lily Pulitzer, etc), a cute top, but nothing too scandalous, and some sort of sandal. NEVER wedges or, god forbid, pumps; your feet will die and you will not be happy. You will be getting a feel for each chapter on campus. It will be overwhelming, and scary. There will be more than a hundred girls singing and clapping and, yeah, probably screaming in your face as you line up outside their house. They will look absolutely perfect, all dressed to a T, wearing the same exact outfit. It will be okay, everyone gets intimidated by this. If you do not, you're probably some freak of nature...just kidding. It will all be okay; you will end up where you are meant to be.

Second is Philanthropy Day. Your choices will have narrowed slightly, while your time at the houses will increase. You will be getting a feel for who you may or may not prefer. Today, wear either that romper you left in the closet from day one or pick another cute tank. It will most likely be 1000 degrees and you will want something that you can breathe in. Each chapter will begin to tell you about their Philanthropy or, in other words, which charity they are paired with. No matter where the chapter is the philanthropy stays the same.

Day three consists of House Tour, which is my personal favorite. By now, you are closing in on your top picks and seeing the house just makes it all the more better. The chapters will have everything set out perfectly: composites up on the wall, new flowers planted outside, rooms cleaned (we all know how clean sorority girls are); basically, the house will be perfection. Wear something like the clothes previously discussed, but still DO NOT wear heels. Save those for pref.

Fourth would be Pref Night. Either you will have one or two sororities tonight. This is your final opportunity to make your decision. The sororities that you visit tonight will be taking this very seriously. They are saying that they want you in their chapter by inviting you back for preference night. It will usually be very emotional, a tear here and there. For pref, you will wear a black dress, make it your own style by adding a chunky necklace or colorful heels. This is where you'll know where you belong.

Last, but definitely not least, is BID DAY. Bid Day is finally here! Dress yourself in a tank and jean shorts, sandals, tennis shoes, or Vans, whatever you prefer. You'll be getting a shirt/tank top from your chosen sorority. That little card with your name beautifully written across the front, sitting in your lap is your golden ticket. The anticipation will be killing you, but the wait is well worth it, trust me. All schools do it differently, but the feeling is the same. When you run to your chosen chapter and are caught in an embrace, the feeling is unreal. Again, there may or may not be tears, a lot of tears actually. Congratulations, you have found your second home. Running to my rush crush (someone who rushed you multiple times throughout the week) and jumping into her arms made the week from hell worth it.

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