Some may call it a blessing, a quirk, or even their signature look. Others will hate their “lion mane” and attempt to acquire an easier-to-handle straight hair look. Nonetheless, if you were blessed or “cursed” with curly hair, here are my best tips on how to survive it, work it, or tame it.

Quick Backstory: I was born with straight hair, completely straight fine brown hair. As a baby, my hair started getting a bit patchy, with weird texture in one section then straight strands in the next. After a while, my mom got tired of dealing with my shabby hair and shaved it all off. The result, at first wavy, then curly hair. I had tight curls up until 8th grade when I got a mini keratin treatment (same thing as a keratin treatment but with less product) and then my curls became looser and in my opinion, much more manageable!

This is a picture of my curls post keratin treatment!

Here are my tips on:

SURVIVING Curly Hair: So you might hate your hair, or you simply have no idea whatsoever on how to make it look less like a frizz ball and more like a head of curled ringlets. Make hair manageable.

Tip Number One: Coconut! Spot a girl with curly hair, ask her what product she is using, and if she knows what she is doing she will say “coconut oil, coconut cream, coconut infused something.” The point is products which are infused with coconut work wonders on curly hair. Why coconut? Well from personal experience and according to Lucy Bee Limited (an organic coconut oil company), coconut oil helps stimulate hair growth, fight dandruff, moisturize dry hair (important for curly hair), add luster and shine, prevent breakage (also important) and slows down hair loss. You can apply it warm, over the scalp and hair, then comb it through so that it reaches every strand. You can leave it overnight and wash in the morning with shampoo. Instead of raw coconut oil, however, you can also use products that incorporate coconut oil for similar results.


Palmer’s Hair Milk Smoothie

Personally I like to use this product by Palmer’s. Contrary to popular belief, your product doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive in order to be efficient. I use Palmer’s Hair Milk Smoothie, you can find it at Target, Walgreen’s, Walmart, and online on Amazon and on Palmer’s website (it is under coconut oil formula). For me this product was a game changer, it eliminates frizz and hydrates my hair completely!

Shea Moisture Coconut Enhancing Smoothie/ Shea Moisture Coconut Curl and Style Milk:

Two products of the same brand! The smoothie is a thicker version of the product more focused on moisture, it will be especially helpful because curly hair can get very dry and brittle. The Curl and Style Milk is better used to de-frizz and style hair.

WORKING Curly Hair: How to take care of, maintain, and make the most out of curly hair. In other words, how to make your curls not only your signature look, but your favorite!

In order to make your hair work you need to be taking care of it so that it stays healthy and doesn’t break or dry out. It’s all about maintenance! Also I recommend using a wide tooth comb to untangle hair. Start from the bottom then work your way up to avoid breakage.


Carol's Daughter Hair Products

Black Vanilla Collection/Hair Milk Collection: Consists of shampoo, conditioner, and hair milk smoothie the Black Vanilla collection is awesome for moisture and healthy hair. The Hair Milk collection is actually made for curly hair and works extra well. I like these products for keeping my hair healthy and voluminous.

TAMING curls: If curls are just not your thing, but you still want wavy or semi straight hair I would recommend: A keratin treatment which de-frizzes and smoothens out hair. If you want looser curls just look for a mini keratin treatment, which will loosen but retain your curl.

Hope these tips help! For the most part the best option is to try to make your hair work! I would absolutely recommend to try the coconut oil or any of these other products. More importantly have fun and try to love the volume and the curls.