It’s the holiday season again. For those of you in love, please don’t talk to me or send me snaps of you and your S.O. doing cute winter things. Just like the weather back home in the Northeast, I’m bitter, cold, and primed for a binge-watching extravaganza. Here's an article for all of us single birds just chilling for the entirety of break on our couch, ranking the top five love interest on the shows you're most likely to rewatching this break.

5. Joe Manganiello as Brad on "How I Met Your Mother"

I've never actually seen "How I Met Your Mother" (a problem I'll take flack for at another time sry), but I've been told by Leigh that this was an iconic role (you might remember her from my severe Reputation review, so her opinion is highly valued). As she puts it, Manganiello is the whole package: hot, tall, and funny.

4. David Walton as Sam Sweeny on "New Girl"

You can't say you're a fan of "New Girl" without saying that you truly loved Sam at every stage of his appearances. From the fun, hot doctor to the hippie Deadhead, back to the fun, hot doctor, Sam Sweeny had us all whipped. While in our heart of hearts, we knew he had to go to make way for Nick and Jess (#nickandjess4ever), it was not an easy goodbye. Gone, but never forgotten...

3. Harry Connick Jr. as Leo Marcus on "Will and Grace"

We first meet Leo as he rides in on a horse to save the day and Grace after she runs into a lamppost in Central Park. And he just gets better from there. Dr. Leo is the guy we all want but don't deserve: funny, thoughtful, and a doctor to boot! On top of it, the way he pursues Grace is just so rom-com perfect without being aggressive or creepy. It's unclear if I'm now in love with Harry Connick Jr. himself or just his character, but something tells me the two are not that different from one another.

2. Megan Mullally as Tammy Two on "Parks and Recreation"

There's not a role Megan Mullally acts in in which she does not steal the whole show. And on a show like "Parks and Rec" where every character is an icon, this is not an easy feat.

That's it. Megan/Tammy deserves the highest of ranks, always.

1. Tom Selleck as Richard Burke on "Friends"

Full disclosure: Tom Selleck as Richard Burke inspired this whole list. I was minding my own business, watching TV, when "Blue Bloods" comes on and I think, "Wow! Tom Selleck is good on his own show, but you know what he was better on?" Am I a Millennial who hasn't seen any of his other work, thus creating a bias towards Selleck in this one specific role? Maybe so. But is my judgment wrong?

I rest my case.