Growing up with sisters.
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Growing Up With Sisters Told By The Youngest And Only Brother In The Family

But when those siblings are older sisters it's really a "sure I'll help you bury a body but hell no you aren't using my charger".

Growing Up With Sisters Told By The Youngest And Only Brother In The Family

As the last born child in my family, it puts me as the baby of the family. Add the only boy into the mix and its something else! Trust me – my sisters never let me forget. When you have siblings in your life you build a connection with them that is unlike any other. But when those siblings are older sisters it's really a "sure I'll help you bury a body but hell no you aren't using my charger".

Growing up with older sisters and being the baby has definitely been the best thing that I've experienced. Sisters are a whole different concept to handle. Especially when you are the youngest and only boy! I have been dressed up, nails painted, and high heels on a couple of dozen times – more than I am proud to say.

Also, can't forget the consistent being made fun of for every little thing. You would think that it dies down eventually and you would be totally wrong. It actually just becomes more frequent and harsher, but they say it's always filled with love.

Although, you always have a friend for life with sisters. They are truly the first best friends you ever have. Just think, they were the ones saying "can he go back to the hospital now" when you were a baby but decided to let mom and dad keep you.

They will be there for you when you are happy, sad, and when you have no idea what you are feeling. And then they punch you in the arm and ask if you know what you are feeling now. Trust me, they love doing that. They will do anything with you as long as it benefits them but even if it doesn't they still go. They even make sure they become friends with your friends and treat them like younger siblings.

They think their job is to embarrass you and explode that last bit of respect that you have for yourself. They will not let you forget that one time you tripped over a bush while dingdong ditching or the time they painted your nails because "you asked". Don't doubt for a second they won't be at that first highschool dance taking pictures to embarrass you in front of all your cool high school friends because they will.

They will be waiting at the kitchen table when you bring that girl that you "really like and you don't want anything to go wrong" home to meet the family for the first time. They definitely won't forget to bring up those embarrassing baby photos of you, then say "wanna see this super embarrassing picture of him in a Cupid costume?". Also, a list of questions to ask the said girl that will make you feel so embarrassed.

They teach you how to talk and treat girls. I know, it's weird that your older sisters teaching you how to talk to girls when half the things that come out of their mouths are to make fun of you. So, how can you not think what they say is just another thing for them to add onto the list of embarrassing things and make fun of you the rest of your life? Trust me what they say is really the truth!

They know what their 21-year-old selves would have wanted to hear from some "stupid smelly boy". Their words, not mine. You will realize that talking to girls is so natural and you always know what to say. Girls will say that you are so easy to talk to and feel like they can tell you anything. Well, you better thank your sister because without them you would be looking like an idiot talking to girls. I know for sure the women that will come into your life will be thanking them.

They tell you when you are being stupid. They tell you when you look like a complete fool with that outfit on that you swore was the sexiest thing you owned. They will be at your sports events cheering you on but laughing the hardest out of everyone when you mess up.

They are the angel on your left shoulder but also the devil on your right shoulder. They treat you like the baby of the family. But also will kick your ass even though you are at least 10 inches taller than them.

Older sisters are the best thing on the planet.

Although my sisters and I sometimes fight and don't always understand each other. The relationship that I have built with them is a bond that can never be broken. They have helped me so much through my life and I can't thank them enough.

And I wouldn't have wanted to grow up with anybody else.

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