Growing up, my family never had to worry about how we would get our next meal.

We went on cruises, vacations to other states and other countries.

My brother and I got entire mountains worth of Christmas gifts every year.

Both my brother and I went to private school.

In our house, we had an elevator. I had my own bathroom and walk-in closet. We lived on the river.

While many people would make fun of us for being "rich" when we were in school (and by no means were we poor) I don't think that the socioeconomic status of my parents made me any less of a hardworking individual.

I grew up wanting to earn my own money. I applied to over 40 jobs in my hometown when I was 16 and took the first job I was offered working at a fast-food chain. I worked there for over two years.

I go to a public university and live off-campus, but I also work full-time and pay my own rent, utilities, etc., while maintaining a 3.5 GPA and double majoring.

I studied abroad and traveled during those six months I spent living in Spain, but I paid for my own flights.

I own a MacBook and an iPhone, but I bought those for myself, too.

My mom is a co-owner of my checking account, but she doesn't fund it.

All that being said, I know that if I were to accidentally overspend one month, my mom would help me out enough so I could eat and pay my rent. She still pays my car insurance and my phone bill, and she bought me my car (a used 2003 Toyota at that, nothing fancy).

I understand that I have it a lot better than a lot of people, but I've still earned my place.

Every job I've ever had wanted to keep me for longer than I could stay. I've never been fired. I've worked low-wage jobs since I was 17.

I'm a good employee and a good student, and that's not something anyone can be handed on a silver platter.