At the beginning of your senior year of high school, you are not really thinking about where you are going to be the next fall. I mean yes, you have applied to colleges all over the country, and yes you have your top choice, but let's be honest, what you are really worried about is the football game on Friday or what you and your best friends are going to do on the weekend. Up until about the middle of March, everything in your life is going good, you can not even begin to imagine your life without your best friends every day. Then, it is time to decide where you are going to be in about five short months.

Once you and all of your friends have decided where you are going to go to college and you have paid those deposits, reality really sets in. You realize you will not have your best friend with you every day and the distance is going to be hard, but you think you can make it work, so you forget about it for the time being.

Then it is the graduation day. The day you have looked forward to for four years now, but when it is finally here, all you wish you could do is rewind. When the day is over, and you are sitting there with your best friends, it still seems as if nothing is going to change, when really it already has.

Throughout your years of middle and high school, you have had many best friends, but one BEST friend. You know this person, almost as well as you know yourself, they are basically a part of your family, and you are a part of theirs. The summer after you graduate is like every other summer before, except with a little more freedom. This summer is the summer, where you get to really make your own decisions and make your own rules. This is the summer that really, everything changes.

You and your best friend are still close, but you have become closer to a few other people as well. Things with boys start getting a little more serious and sometimes, you may have to choose between spending time with a boy or spending time with your best friend. We have all chosen a boy over a friend at some point in time, and being the friend on the other side hurts. So although this summer is one of the best yet, it is a little difficult to process the change at the same time.

Then it is the night before you leave for college, and you and all of your friends are hanging out and saying your goodbyes. Everyone has left and it is just you and your best friend, crying in each other's arms. At that moment, you think that this will be a forever type of friendship. Then you leave.

Once you get to college, you are making new friends and learning new things, and so is your best friend at another school. Days go by and you barely speak, and then it is weeks. You see each other once or twice while you are home on breaks, and then neither of you end up making the effort for even that. It takes a while to adjust to not having that person in your life anymore, but you do it. You see them on social media, and that is it. You feel like you do not know that person anymore, and while that is a hard concept to swallow, you learn how to do it. Because even though it seems like they are doing great, making new friends, and have replaced you... you have done the same and that is okay.