Grey's Anatomy is constantly evolving. Old characters leave, and new characters replace them every season. For instance, recent news has revealed that the poor, storyline-abused Stephanie, a.k.a. Jerrika Hunton will be leaving Grey's at the end of season 13. Not only has the cast evolved but also the style is also constantly evolving. In light of the beautiful women and the fashion this week at the Oscars, here are few hairstyles throughout Grey's history.

1. Meredith Grey

I honestly loved Meredith's hair in the first season. It framed her faced while in later seasons it seems to almost crowd her face. Here it's more open like her possibilities are endless, which, given the first season, they were.

2. Cristina Yang

The thing about Cristina's hair is that it never changed and neither did she. Her hair reflected her personality: fierce.

3. Izzie Stevens

Izzie rocked every look. Straight, curly, up, down, short, long, you name it. What I really want to know is where did she find the time to look that good?

4. Addison Montgomery

Addison is like a fine wine and can pull off a look that not many women can. I wasn't too fond of her curly look, but her straight, layered, slightly wavy look was gorgeous.

5. Callie Torres

I loved Callie's short hair. It was edgy and stress-free. What's interesting is that the short bob look is often stereotyped and associated with moms and elder women when it made Callie look young.

6. Jo Wilson

Like Izzie, Jo can also pull off any look. I love her long hair because it gives her an innocent vibe which contrasts with her dark past.

7. April Kepner

I find April's hair evolution really interesting. At first, she was a very shy girl but as she matured she became more vibrant which is like her voluminous hair.

8. Amelia Shepherd

I absolutely adore Amelia's hair. I pray at night for hair like hers. To me, Amelia's dark and curly hair expresses her dark past, but her caramel highlights at the end express a new age.