You Grew Up In A Small Town When...
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I grew up in a small town. Even though there are pros and cons to small town life, I would never trade it for anything, and I could never imagine growing up anywhere else. But you knew you grew up in a small town when...

1. When during farming season, tractors are everywhere

They drive throughout the town, they work in the nearby fields, and so on. You can't go a couple of days without seeing one even when it's not during farming season.

2. When you have a 'bring your tractor to school day'

Every year, there was always a day put aside for people to bring their tractors to school. It's a legit day, and half of the parking lot is filled with tractors.

3. When people ask where you're from, and instead of telling them where you live, you just say you are from the nearest city area.

All my life, I would say 5% of people knew where my hometown was or is. It was very rare to find people that knew where it was, and had hear of the town. And 4% of that 5% are people that have lived in the area of your hometown, or lived in a town that was in my conference.

4. When you have to make at least a ten minute drive to go anywhere

There isn't much in the town that I'm from. So, I'm used to have to drive at least ten minutes anywhere to do anything; grocery shopping, going out to eat, run errands, you name it.

5. When you graduate with the same people you went to kindergarten with, and you know everything about them

There were a few people that have come and gone, but about 95% of the people that were in your kindergarten class are the same people that you graduate with. You know their family, possibly some of their extended family, birthday, random facts about them, and so on.

6. When you graduated with a class under a hundred

My graduating class was made up about fifty-five people, and we were the biggest graduating class that they had in awhile.

7. When you don't use north, south, east, and west as directions instead you use places, left, and right

You go down the street, take a left, go over the railroad tracks, take a right, go a couple miles down, pass the big red barn, take a left at the church, go a little ways down, and it should be on your right. If you get to the post office, you went too far.

8. When you were late to work or an event because you had to stop for a train, or were behind a tractor

We've all been there.

9. When you know at least majority of the people who live on your street, and would feel comfortable going to them if you needed help.

I never was scared walking home, or walking anywhere in town because I at least knew a few people on every street that I could go to if I needed help.

10. When almost everything closes at ten or before it.

It's rare to find something that is open passed ten o'clock

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