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5 Fall Shows That Are A Must See

Thrilling, edgy comedies, drama that keep you on the edge of your seat and with entertainment.

5 Fall Shows That Are A Must See

Okay, we all have our favorite TV shows that we fall in love with and characters we've grown with and gotten to know through writers and producers. Five fall shows that are a must see or as follows...




So deep, Luscious and Cookie Lyon have been through so much and so have their boys. The Lyons starting over from the bottom and with each other...almost like they're reliving their lives through different situations coming back up to gain their throne and spread the music. Fox Wednesdays @8p.m.


So I fell in love with the show Blackish, and Traci Ross and Anthony Anderson are your favorite modern black TV family. I must say I had to go back and binge watch the previous season first to catch up. As always the show is about family while delving into many black stereotypes and learning lessons behind them. Check out Blackish always filled with laughs learning from their family of five children and of course the grandparents as they also learn from each other! ABC Tuesdays @9p.m.


I must say 911 is a thrilling show and you know my favorite character is Angela Bassett. Though I have only watched a few shows, this will definitely keep you on toes as you keep peeking through the slits of your fingers. Definitely check out 911 as we follow the lives of the Emergency system 911 from saving others to saving themselves at times. Fox Mondays @9 p.m.


Oh, how Lil Rel Howery has me cracking up from his show Rel, which follows a young man who has just found out that his wife cheated on him and had left their kids by the way which everyone knows has happened. Great show and very funny as Howery plays many different characters keeping us laughing while we see him pick up the pieces of his situation and move on with his best friend Brittany, his dad and his brother. Check out Rel on and if you don't oh well shibbity dobos, it is what it is.




Okay, so I know I said five fall shows well this show is kind of close to fall maybe it's more summer, but you just gotta watch it. Now get me started on my show that I began binge-watching in 2015, Omari Hardwick, Rotimi, 50 Cent and Joseph Sikora and many more help put this show into visual. I love the writer she is so talented Courtney Kemp, and others keep us on our toes with every episode of Power. 50, I must say is a genius, and the cast is creating a lasting memory with this show and the characters that we have come to know and love. Check out Power as we follow James St Patrick on his path and journey to become a better man dealing with old flames, loose ends, drug cartels, his family, business and the world around him ridding himself of the street life separating from Ghost which is seeming the become more and more difficult with time. Sundays on Starz @9 p.m.

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