A Gratitude Journal Changes The Way You See Your Life

A Gratitude Journal Changes The Way You See Your Life

A journal entry every night for a month completely transformed my outlook on not just my mental health, but my entire life


About a month ago I was in Florida, visiting my mother who moved there last year. My mom used to live five minutes away from me and now lives 18 hours away, so it's safe to say I cherish the times I get to go visit my mom. My last visit, she was updating me on new things happening and new hobbies she was picking up.

She has been journaling a lot more, and I love that she is finding an outlet in writing, just as I do. She told me she keeps a gratitude journal now, too, and I just kind of shrugged and said that's great she does that. She read me a passage in a book she had going in detail about what a gratitude journal is and how it can change your outlook on life. It takes 21 days to form a new habit, so I figured I'd give it a shot. My mom and I went to a book store and I picked out a cute leather-bound journal I could keep on my nightstand and use as my gratitude journal.

A month later, here I am wondering why I ever laughed at the idea of how it would change my life. I feel like I have a completely different outlook on my life. I have always felt very blessed and grateful for the things I have, but I realized how much I do take for granted. Every night before I go to sleep I now jot down five things that I was grateful for that day. Some days I feel like I could fill up a page, and other days I struggle to think of things.

On bad days, or days when my anxiety took over and nothing seemed to be great, I went to basics. I am grateful for the food I had, a warm home to come to after work, a job that provides me the life I have, my car, and being able to call my mom when I'm struggling. I have been going to bed every night happy, regardless of how bad my day was. The action of writing it down really helps…seeing it on paper and being able to look back on things I probably would have forgotten.

At the end of January, I flipped through the pages, and realized our life is really all about the little things strung together. I then took a few pages to write how I felt about January overall and reflect on my month.

It can be so easy to take the good times for granted, as it is for the bad days to seem completely dark. My gratitude journal has helped level out my mood so much. I know that I always have at least five things from every single day that were good and it always keeps my spirits up. I have a completely different outlook on life, because I know that even if something bad happens, it doesn't just undo all of the great things I still have in my life. I feel like I have a much more upbeat positive outlook on things. I know that the bad times will always happen, but the good far out ways the bad. I know that if something isn't going to matter a year from now, I shouldn't stress or get worked up over it.

I highly encourage everyone to take the next 21 days and keep a gratitude journal. Sure, it might seem annoying or pointless to take a few minutes and think about your day and write down five things, but I promise it will become a habit and it could drastically change your perspective on your life. What's the worst that could happen? You might find out that you don't feel the need to write things every day, but you also might find that you look forward to curling up in bed with your journal and reflecting on your day before closing your eyes. I hate saying that my mother is usually right about things, but mom, you were right. I am so happy I started my journal because it's given me the opportunity to remember the little things that make my life so incredibly full.

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Being Sick In College Is A Real Struggle

Being sick in college is definitely not as fun as having a sick day in middle school or high school.


Something that I have had to deal with multiple times these past two semesters is being sick while in school. It can be a real pain especially depending on what type of sickness it is. I have had tonsillitis, mono, and I'm pretty sure I also had the flu.

Being at school and away from home can make being sick worse because there is nobody to take of you such as your parents. Another thing is having to make the decision to get the rest that your body needs in order to feel better or staying on top of your assignments to avoid falling behind. My parents will always tell me to get a good night's sleep so my body can feel better the next day. However, sometimes I will feel more stress if my work isn't getting done and I feel like I'm falling behind and leaving things to get done in the last minute.

Currently, I am sick now and the past few days haven't been easy, but I still attended all my classes so I wouldn't miss any material or assignments that were given. I usually end up feeling the worst at night when trying to fall asleep, and by that time the doctors are not present at the student health center. Even though my health is important I usually don't like taking too much time out of my day to go to the health center to see a doctor. Some days I don't really have much free time before the evening.

I don't believe I have been over-exerting myself, but I don't want to just stay in my bed all day and sleep, even though that may be what is best for me. Most professors will be understanding if I email them and provide them a doctor's note as well, but I also just got back from a conference where I had to miss two days of classes next week.

I have been trying to keep hydrated so that way my body can fight the sickness. Also, I have been told if you stay hydrated you can flush the virus out of your body quicker.

Eating can also be a pain when you have a sore throat, for the past couple of days I have tried to have some soup in order to help. Most meals I would have to force myself to eat something of substance in order to give my body some type of energy in order to get through the day. It's also never fun not being able to breathe out of your nostrils. If it wasn't my nose being stuffed, then it would be constantly runny so there was no winning that battle.

Looking back, I probably should have done a bit more work over spring break in order to get ahead in the case that something like this would happen. I wanted my break to be exactly that, a break. After not being home for a few months I just wanted some time off to relax.

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