As you can probably imagine, having lived in Mexico all my life, Thanksgiving wasn't really that much of a big deal for me. In my previous world it meant little more than a lot of football games, and really good deals for internet shopping. But this year I found myself surrounded by pumpkin-spice everything, cute turkey decorations, and the promise of a real, American Thanksgiving.

You want to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? I loved it.

Even if Thanksgiving has nothing to do with my history (and when the origins of this holiday are... interesting), I am very happy that I am looking forward to three more turkey days (at least).

In a nutshell, here are some reasons I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving week.

1. I am no longer sitting on a bus.

10 hours sitting next to a woman eating fried chicken will make you rethink all your life choices.

Which leads me to:

2. A Home Away From Home.

I will forever be grateful for the family that opened their doors and arms for me on this holiday season.

3. Spotify's Discover Weekly.

We've covered this before: if I could marry my Discover Weekly, I would.

4. The Gilmore Girls Revival.

Even with its controversial ending, I was very glad to hear their witty repartees again.

5. My college friends.

Starting with my roommate, continuing with the crazy people on my hall, and ending with the international friends that know exactly what I mean when I say "America, baby."

6. My family.

For the opportunity to chase my dreams, for the memories, for the long Skype calls. For everything.

7. Stuffing.

I've been missing out y'all.