I only became interested in Gilmore Girls earlier this year. Sure, I had heard about the series, and I kind of knew what it was about, but I never expected it would sort of take over my entire life.

A funny combination of factors were what lead me to finally watching the tv series that ended almost ten years ago: Netflix announced a revival, I realized Liza Weil appeared on it, I learned Rory's dream (like mine) was to become a journalist, and I read a list of all 339 books referenced in the series. Once I noticed the Gilmores and I shared a passion for coffee and good books, I decided to watch the show, and there is no going back.

What surprised me most was that I didn't identify the most with Rory, even though she was my age and shared my intended career. But I found more and more reasons why I empathized with Lorelai. And I know I am not the only one.

1. You feel coffee on a spiritual level.

2. You understand your responsibilities.

3. You are always talking.

4. Flexibility is not your forte.

5. You know food is not supposed to be shared.

6. You have your priorities straight.

7. You love snow.

8. You know exactly how to solve your problems.

The best way to cope is to not cope at all.

9. You know good coffee when you see it.

Remember that one time Lorelai was able to tell if the coffee was decaf just by smelling it? Me too.

10. You know Jess is not a good boyfriend.


11. You have your New Year's Eve resolutions planned out.

12. You know yourself too well.