To My Nana Who Raised Me
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To My Nana Who Raised Me

A letter to my Nana who has raised me to be who I am today.

To My Nana Who Raised Me

To my hero,

You have taught me what it means to be a strong woman, not only for myself but for everyone around me. With all the heartbreak I experienced through my childhood you took me in as your own and showed me the ways of the world, and made up for all of the things I missed out on in my childhood. You are my Mom, you know what it means to be a supporter, you showed me discipline, and yet you still spoiled me as every grandmother should! These days its more common for grandparents to raise their grandchildren but you did it by yourself. You supported me through orchestra, marching band, all of my volunteer work, my hardships, and my transition into college life. You are the strongest woman I have ever met in my life and I am so lucky to say I was raised by my Nana. You taught me how to bait a hook, do laundry, cook, control my anxiety, and have a great work ethic. You have always been my go-to, no matter what I have done I am always able to talk to you and you're there as a shoulder to cry on. You have such a giving heart and a smile that lights up my day as well as anyone else you come in contact with. You are the backbone of our family and we are all so unbelievably thankful for you and all you've done for us. I always know you'll be my #1 fan no matter what, you're not just my nana and my mom, you are my best friend. You have been through hell and still gotten back up and continued to raise me and my sisters without a single doubt in your mind that is what you're meant to be doing. You're a godsend and I am the luckiest girl to have you by my side. I am going to take each lesson you taught me over the years and become a strong woman as you raised me to be, I hope I can be half the woman you are someday. I love you!

To those being raised by a grandparent,

Your grandparents are precious and you never know how much time you have with them. Never forget what they've done for you and you can never tell them enough how much you appreciate them. Always be humble and kind because without them you could have faced more hardships and they have provided for you and loved you like you are theirs. Never be embarrassed to talk about how your grandparents were the ones who raised you, I promise its nothing to be ashamed of, you should be proud of the army of support you've received! Also love them, love them unconditionally and understand they are doing their very best to love you and support you as well as they can. Every once in a while put down your phone, because there are always lessons to learn and stories to hear from our grandparents, they are wise beyond their days. Appreciate them in all they are and soak up all the time you can!

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