Grandma, 6 Years Later, Thank You For Giving Me The World
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Grandma, 6 Years Later, Thank You For Giving Me The World

Thank you for making sure I knew that I was your favorite grandchild.

Grandma, 6 Years Later, Thank You For Giving Me The World
Lizz Braun

Dear Rosie,

Even though you are no longer around, I want to take some time to thank you for everything you have done for me.

Thank you for looking after me.

When my parents used to work all the time, you were there for me, always. You always made sure that I was well fed and got enough rest. You made sure that I always got enough exercise on our daily walks around the block. Thank you for teaching me right from wrong and what you believed to be the proper way to friends.

Thank you for being my number one supporter.

You came to all my competitions that you could mentally handle. Spending a day in a hot, crowed gym watching team after team after team put on their routine takes a lot. My mom couldn't handle them half of the time. So, thank you for always cheering me on and letting me show you all of the new routines I learned to make sure I had them perfect.

Thank you for all the random lessons.

You told me never to settle. You taught me to go for what I want and not to stop until I get it. You made sure I knew that boys are like a nice handbag: nice to look at, but they are not all the same inside. Shoes make the outfit pop and jackets sometimes get in the way of fashion, so drop them. Thank you for teaching me how to sing, even though I am probably the worst singer ever and I have the worst taste in music.

Thank you for making sure I knew that I was your favorite grandchild.

Even though I was young, I knew I was always welcome to sit next to you on the couch, share a Milky Way and tell you what was on my mind because that is what best friends do. Thank you for always being up to baking a cake or watching my favorite High School Musical with me on repeat. Thank you for being there for me when I was going through hard times with my dad being sick and the death of my best friend in fourth grade.

Thank you for teaching me about my religion.

I credit you for the reason I am so religious. You taught me everything a girl could ever know about Jesus and more. You answered any questions I had, but, most importantly, I was able to cope with your death due to me knowing that Jesus is just a call away whenever I need him. I know that he has a plan for everyone. In reality, you are the reason I stay so involved in this awful church that leads me to question my faith on the daily.

Thank you for those pink pajama pants.

I will admit that I have been wearing them since the fifth grade and I will continue to wear them until my children are in fifth grade. I get made fun of all the time, but I take it. You loved those pants so much, so I will proudly wear them until the day I die.

Love your favorite grandchild,

Elizabeth Rose

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