There are many words that come to mind when I begin to describe my grandmother. She carries a strength in her spirit and kindness in her smile that I admire more than I know how to express in words. Joyce Daphne John, my stepfather's mother, one of seven siblings, and the most phenomenal woman.

I wrote this poem for her because though sometimes she forgets names and birthdays, she will always remember love.

Denise Hernandez

I am not your blood but our souls have crossed before

like streams to rivers our paths flow

you are the mother

the years are passing through the valleys on your face but you are more beautiful than ever

You are Wisdom You are Grace

You are the leader of my tribe


Your roots forever planted in the soil of my heart

Your leaves are slowly falling, gently you drift

But for you I remember

The world you conquered as your own

You filled my mind with wonder of a life I wish to lead

I wasn't front and center but your love surpassed my needs

No validation as great as the stories you leave me

I will remember

I remember

You are Infinite