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The 2019 Grammys: Gowns And Get-Ups

The best and worst outfit of this year's Grammys.

Grammy award

Singing in the shower and accepting my shampoo bottle as an award is as close as I'll ever get to winning a Grammy.

Though my shampoo bottle may not be gold and shiny, I will say it definitely makes my hair gleam and glow.

This year, the Grammys were filled with upsets and confusions according to some. No Mac Miller tribute, "God's Plan" winning over "Sicko Mode," Cardi B winning rap album of the year, and "This is America" taking home best track of the year.

Of course, a congratulations is due to those who did win for their accomplishments, however, fans everywhere were upset with many of the winners and award results. Obviously, people won't all agree on the best and worst of the Grammy categories, however, I think we can all (somewhat) agree on the best and worst Grammy get-ups.

First up is Katy Pery. She wore a Balmain frilly pink dress with a, uhm, voluptuous bottom. Topped with a strapless bodice and a metallic detailing on the neckline, this look scored one of the worst looks in my book. Looking like a Barbie birthday cake gone wrong, Katy Perry was anything but a Firework this past Sunday. In fact, it seemed to be the Internet's consensus that this dress was a miss. One fan (or anti-fan) created a humorous Photoshopped picture of Katy on a paint roller. All in good fun, Katy Perry actually ended up posting it on her own Instagram, thanking the clever creator.

Apparently, "pretty in pink" seemed to be a theme throughout the various outfits of the night. Kylie Jenner showed up in a pink jumpsuit complete with attached pink gloves and pointed pink pumps. Jenner was there to support her baby daddy, Travis Scott, in his Grammy performance as well as his nomination for best rap album of the year. Even though Scott walked away from the awards show with nothing, he still gets to go home to his 1-year-old, Stormi Webster, who just happened to have the greatest first birthday party EVER.

Miley Cyrus was also in attendance at the Grammys. Like Travis Scott, Cyrus was there to perform. Unlike Scott, she performed not once, but twice. Cyrus' pre-performance outfit was a Thierry Mugler suit with rouched-sleeve details. This look was definitely one of my favorites not only because I'm a Miley Cyrus fan, but also because I'm a sucker for sleek, simplistic, yet sexy suits with nude underneaths. Classic.

For Cyrus' first performance, she teamed up with pop music heartthrob Shawn Mendes. The two were paired and coordinated in an urban cowboy styled look. Mendes sported a cut-off dress shirt tucked into slacks with a gold stripe down the sides and polished pointed boots. Miley apparently forgot all her undershirts at home and dared nip slips all night. During this performance, she wore a printed vest and slack co-ord, adorned with a gold chain that held her lapels together. All accessorized with matching gold accessories.

For performance number two, Cyrus teamed up with her godmother, Dolly Parton, for a rendition of "Jolene", a famous Parton song that Miley has covered. Once again, Miley suited up, quite literally, in a bedazzled yellow suit fit for a country-gone-pop cowgirl. Parton wore a lacy white dress, looking like the elegant mistress that's sung about in "Jolene."

Apparently, Thierry Mugler was a hot topic for 2019's Grammys, because both Cardi B and Miley Cyrus had the same idea. While Cyrus went for a more updated Mugler look, Cardi B threw it back like it was the 90s for not one, not two, but three Mugler looks from his 1995 Circa collection. Cardi came out of her shell and into the spotlight last year and showed this transition through this first look. During her acceptance speech, Cardi B put the real meaning behind fringe into her outfit, her white dress and fringe detailing sashayed in such an elegant way, that Ru Paul would be proud. Lastly, Cardi came out fierce during her performance in an outfit that looked as though a peacock and a leopard had a baby. Hearing this combination sounds horrendous, but leave it to Thierry Mugler to make it look good.

Cardi B x Mugler@versacemugler on Twitter

Speaking of fierce, Lady Gaga came out in a silver metallic dress that was fit for a star. The A Star Is Born protagonist has really grown throughout the years from dressing herself in cold cuts, to dressing herself in icy diamonds. Gaga wore Tiffany and Co. diamonds that shone just like her Celine dress.

Another dress that shone was that of Joy Villa. Don't know who that is? Neither do we. All we know her as is, "that one girl with the dumb political statement dresses." Know who I'm talking about now? Every year she pulls this political dress stunt and every year we grow more and more tired of it. Can you say, publicity stunt? Which is ironic, because even though she does this every year, each year we say, "Joy who?" This year was no different. This time, Villa wore a dress that read, "Build The Wall" and alluded to Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall album. As a Pink Floyd fan, I have to stand up and say, do not disrespect them like this. Adorned with barbed wire and a red MAGA clutch, I can confidently say this was the worst dress of the night. If you look at the next picture, you'll also see the worst dresses of the Grammys throughout the years as well.

On a not-so-serious note, Porter Robinson was in the audience that night. He was also up for a Grammy for Best Dance Recording for "Ghost Voices." A song not under the Porter Robinson name, but actually his other alias, Virtual Self. Robinson sported an oversized, ill-fitting suit with slacks that didn't get the oversized memo. His sleeves were long, his pants were short. This outfit pairing caused a lot of commotion on Twitter and other social medias with fans poking fun at the EDM artist's suit. Jokes revolving arround borrowed suits and awkward prom pictures were made, and quite honestly they hit the mark.

Ending on a positive note, Ariana Grande showed up to the Grammys. This was not such a sure thing, as Grande revoked her participation in the Grammys due to conflicts with producers. However, the "7 rings" singer was definitely prepared with a custom-made Zac Posen dress fit for a princess. The baby blue ball gown resembled Cinderella's dress, which caused gossip that she was alluding to her ex-boyfriend's and late Mac Miller's song about her, "Cinderella." The dress was beautiful and elegant, but what I'm most interested in are her two dogs! 11/10 good boys.

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