8 Graduation Gifts Any Outgoing Senior Will Appreciate
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8 Graduation Gifts Any Outgoing Senior Will Appreciate

There are just some things that students love, so why not give it to them for graduation?

8 Graduation Gifts Any Outgoing Senior Will Appreciate
Photo by Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash

As spring has recently graced us with its presence, college seniors everywhere are counting down the days until they reach the big day: graduation! Diplomas are not the only thing that comes with graduation; gifts are a big part of the celebration, too. Family and friends of soon-to-be grads should be figuring out what they’re going to get their future alums.

Gift-giving by itself can be pretty hard sometimes. Add the importance of graduating college and climbing another step on the ladder of adulthood, and buying a gift for graduation can be pretty intimidating. At least if you’re looking to gift a forthcoming Fordham graduate, there is no reason to stress; these are some gifts they would love to receive.

1. A gift for a new apartment

Given the fact that they just spent the past four years at Fordham, it’s not a stretch that some graduates will be moving into their very own apartments this summer. Why not give them a house-warming gift? All you need to do is step inside of Target or HomeGoods to find something that is sure to fit their style.

2. Some clothes fit for an interview or an important day at work

We all know how much Fordham prepares their students when it comes to jobs and internships. Your grad may not know this yet, but they may need a special outfit for a crucial day at work in just a matter of time.

3. A gift-card for public transportation or a car service

Public transportation varies in use between states, but car services such as Uber and Lyft are always to be used. By loading money onto a gift card, you can give your grad a few free rides the next time they are out and about.

4. A new phone case

As a college student, there is a slight change they have a wallet adhesive on the back of their phone case. This is a pretty good invention for students who need to carry around their ID to get in and out of buildings, but it might be the most useful after graduation. Their phone case will probably have a mark from this sticker, so they could always use a replacement.

5. Tickets to a show, concert, or game

If your grad is staying in the New York City area, lucky for them, there are so many great shows that the city offers, such as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Falon. However, there are shows and games to attend for everyone, regardless of where you're living. If you know their favorite singer or sports team, you can spoil them with tickets to a fun night out.

6. A stationary or note-taking set

Some people, such as myself, are obsessed with pens and planners. Nevertheless, this is a good gift for just about anyone because everyone could use organizers to make their lives just a little less hectic.

7. Food (or a gift card to a restaurant)

I don't like to generalize, but pretty much everyone loves food. And being Fordham students, we've become accustomed to some pretty fine Italian food from Arthur Avenue. When will we ever not be in the mood for food?

8. Traveling goodies

Since they're going to be a Fordham Alum, they are definitely going places in life. They might already have a suitcase, but they could always use other traveling essentials. Everyone could always use another neck pillow or carry-on bag since those things get so worn out between travels.

9. A gift that reminds them of home

If they've spent the majority of the past four years far away from their pre-college home, Fordham grads would love to receive a gift that gives them a little taste of home. I'm not talking about a hoodie that says the name of your town and the year it was established; I'm talking about gifts that you can get from your town and your town only.

10. Perfume or cologne

If you're going to get this for your graduate. please make sure you know the kinds of scents they like! People have very particular tastes when it comes to fragrances, and the last thing you want to do is to give someone a gift that is going to gather dust on a shelf.

11. A box of books they might like

The summer is a perfect time to catch up on some pleasure reading. You can provide your grad with the material they'll need to get some rest and relaxation. As long as you know their favorite books, you can find so many other books they'll be sure to love.

12. Scrapbook of their journey through school

Since they're an adult now, you can remind them of how far they've come in their journey for an education. All you need is a scrapbook, some pictures, glue, and a marker to make a really thoughtful gift for your grad.

13. Literally, anything from the heart

I know this phrase is so cliché, but it really is the thought that counts. People can tell when a gift is meaningful and has a personal touch to it. Anything that will make your grad feel special and valued is a gift that is worth giving!

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