Dear Graduating High School Seniors,

this clock is ticking! It's almost time to close a wonderful, yet awful, roller coaster of a chapter in your life. Most of you are sitting in those classroom desks itching to get out of high school, out of your hometown, and into the real world. However, some of you are terrified of what the future brings, and want to grasp onto every last high school memory that you can make. Guess what...BOTH OF THESE FEELINGS ARE OKAY!! Or any feeling in between for that matter. Everyone's high school career is different, so any way that is chosen to transition from hometown to college life is perfectly okay.

My advice: soak it ALL in. There's no reason to complain about everyone and everything in your high school/ hometown. The time will come where you have to leave it behind, so enjoy it all while you still can. You're not aware everything you'll miss like sleepovers with your best friend, hugs from your parents, annoying your siblings, home-cooked meals made by your grandparents, the hot tub in your backyard, your pets, not having to pay for groceries or rent, or literally anything you need to survive, summer nights, easily hopping in your car and driving anywhere your heart desires, the comfort of your own bed, the familiarity of your high school hallways, Friday night football games, being an athlete, having time to read your favorite book, or having time to do anything really.

The point is: don't wish it away all too fast, because once it's gone, you'll miss it like crazy. Enjoy your last few weeks. Soak in all the memories. You only get to have a high school senior year once, so make it special.