I Received My Degree In The Fall, But I Do Not Consider Myself A 'Graduate'
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I Received My Degree In The Fall, But I Do Not Consider Myself A 'Graduate'

That ceremony is a huge deal.

I Received My Degree In The Fall, But I Do Not Consider Myself A 'Graduate'
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I know I've made several references in some of my past articles to being a recent college graduate, but I actually want to explain more on this subject. I don't exactly consider myself a college graduate because I did not participate in the walking ceremony...yet.

The University at Albany (UAlbany), the school I had attended, announced in March 2017 that it was getting rid of the fall commencement ceremony, something that many universities hold for those that graduate a semester earlier than planned.

Many students who had been planning to complete their degrees then spoke out in anger, and the Student Association even appealed to the administration.

However, that still did not work.

While the school definitely considered us finished with our degrees, we are all welcome to participate in the commencement ceremony that is coming up in May. We get to return and reunite with the friends who are just now graduating, too.

It almost feels surreal, being a "graduate," but also not being a "graduate." I've been using these past several months to embark on the dreaded job search, which is certainly an adventure (though, a very discouraging one).

Sometimes, it feels like I should already be working or doing something exciting because I just graduated.

But yet, I also don't perceive myself as someone who already completed their degree quite yet because I haven't walked up onto that stage.

Of course, as far as student loans go, it seems that they've already determined that we are graduated, considering that some of us have to start paying them in another month or so because the six month grace period started in January, not June, as it would be for those attending this spring semester.

So, yay.

I can't wait until the graduation ceremony, then I will really feel like I accomplished college.

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