A Soon-To-Be Graduate's Advice On Service Learning
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A Soon-To-Be Graduate's Advice On Service Learning

"We rise by lifting others." -Robert Ingersoll

A Soon-To-Be Graduate's Advice On Service Learning

Graduating from the University of Scranton will be a tremendous accomplishment; the lessons I learned here are grounded in morals and expressed through service. However, when I first heard of service learning, I immediately thought it was just some tedious requirement I must complete in order to graduate.

Immediately I thought of how droning the experience would be, and I regretfully admit I even tried to find my way out of this particular “service learning” obligation. To no avail, I swallowed my pride and began my journey through the "Jesuit values" to soon find out how extraordinary this journey would be.

“Men and women for others” is such a critical, beautiful Jesuit value because it expresses the true Ignatian message. This message being that we are not going to find God’s love and His message by separating ourselves off and being inattentive to new experiences and encounters. In order to reveal God, we must be open to Him.

Through service learning, we open ourselves up to Him and His Good News that is present in, among and through serving others. Also, service learning allows us to assist others in such a way that we cannot help but feel the joy of God’s love within us and others.

Regretfully, I admit my previous misconceptions of service learning were irreverent and dishonorable. On the other hand, as I opened myself up to service learning, I naturally opened myself up to Jesuit values and to God. My service learning experiences demonstrated the Good News and taught me how to serve others alongside serving God.

After graduation, Jesuit values will carry over and manifest themselves as I grow. The University requires service learning for a purpose - God is present in others. In order to reveal Him, spread His word and feel His love, service learning is entirely crucial as its message resounds from University of Scranton students to the outside world.

The University of Scranton embraces all faiths, and although service learning brought me closer to my faith, it can still have a powerful effect on yours. If you're a student at the University, take the opportunity to really open yourself up to service learning in order to discover yourself and help you grow. Service learning allows you to form your own perception on how to help people, and it allows you to define your own morals, values and beliefs.

I guess what I am trying to say is don't be like how I was in the beginning-angered, disengaged and negative toward service learning. Immediately open yourself up to the experience. Allow yourself to get lost in that feeling of creating jollity for others. You will be glad you did!

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