A Letter To President Trump

Dear President Trump,

For starters, I would like to congratulate you on your elected position. According to the majority of the country, you possess the exact qualities this country needs to get back on its feet. For the rest of the country that did not vote in your favor, they will be there to make sure you do just that. President Trump, I am one of those few who did not vote for you. We are told to keep our political life a secret, but that game has changed since the creation of Twitter. However, you might not have won my vote during the election, but I am putting my trust and hope in you when it counts.You are now the leader of this great nation I call home. You have dedicated the time to prepare for this day, and for that, I will trust you. With that, there are a few things that I am hopeful for.

For starters, I am hopeful that you take this position serious. With being the President, all eyes are on you. Children who don’t know right from wrong, young adults who are still trying to find themselves, and even adults that think there is only one way to do things. We are all depending on you. There is no need to go through the nasty comments that were made during your election; but I can imagine you have read some of the responses. Although they might not have meant to offend anybody, they sure were perceived that way. As a very empathetic person, I could understand how this whole mess came about. It is easy to take one's words and twist them for your own sick pleasure. As soon as you phrase something wrong, you are flamed by society. Whether you meant it or not, you instantly are viewed as the villain. At this point, you are faced with the option to take back your words, or own them as your own. In your case, you decided to own them as your own.

President Trump, I empathize with everything you are going through. I imagine you are excited but at the same time a little nervous. Excited to be our President, but nervous to make a mistake. You have made many promises, to the ones who have supported you and to the ones who have doubted you. Just know, the majority of the country wants you to succeed. Wishing for failure is like jumping off a cliff hoping your arms will lessen the impact.

To be a President for the people, you must become part of THE PEOPLE. You must listen to both sides of the story without making a judgement. There will always be a group of people who do not like you, but there are ways to make the people feel more involved than displaced. You are the figure head, voice, and example of America. Now that you have won the position for the people, you must now lead FOR THE PEOPLE. No temper nor misplaced words will be acceptable. Whatever your beliefs are, you are expeced to treat people like the human being they are; not favoring one above the other, but everybody as equals.

For the minorities, LBGTQ community, muslims, immigrants, etc… It will take time, but trust me, there will be better days. We are Americans. To bring the people together, we must eliminate groups and sides, and combine into one. No more ‘liberal’ this, ‘conservative’ that. The people’s opinions are individual and unique. By labeling people, we are creating walls; and this wall, President Trump, is not the wall we need. To be able to make America great again, you must remember the dark this country went through. Society will not tolerate regression, and I will be a voice to assure that doesn’t happen. Good luck in your term, and don’t let us down.

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