A Goodbye Letter To Club Penguin

When I was 9, I must have spent hours on this website. I even begged my parents to buy me a membership, and I dressed my penguin up in wigs, shirts and costumes. I played endless games to earn money for adopting Puffles and making sure my igloo was suitable to present to guests.

But now all that hard work and all that time has been wasted, because a couple months ago, Disney announced that they were shutting down the website and moving the entire island to an app-only game.

I think this is cruel.

Regardless of my feelings on the matter, I know I must let go of my sadness and say goodbye to a piece of my childhood. I must release my Puffles back into the wild and hope that they will stay together in their little Puffle family. I must say goodbye to the pizza parlor, wave to all the progress I made as a spy and just pretend I was never a champion at Cart Surfer and Pizzatron 3000.

This is a hard world that we live in, and now we must learn to exist in a world without Club Penguin. But I believe we will all be okay. We will all learn to survive without this piece of our childhood. We can all be strong and overcome this loss together.

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