Goodbye Freshman Year

I'm staring at my empty dorm room, anxiously awaiting my sister to drive across the state to pick me up for the summer. Freshman year is over. It doesn't even feel like it happened. But it did. It was great and I experienced so much with so many great people but it's time to say goodbye. Even though I'll be back in a few short months, it's still sad to leave behind all the memories and friends that you've made. No other year will be the same as the one I'm leaving behind. Next year will be completely different, I'll be separated from all my friends throughout campus and I'll be taking harder classes. I'm excited for the future but freshman year will always have a place in my heart for being so new.

My freshman year would have been nothing without the friends I made. It's nice to have a good group of friends at home and at school who you can count on to make you laugh and be there if you're ever upset. No matter what we were doing either just listening to music and playing cards against humanity in our dorm, eating family dinner at the dining hall or going out on Friday nights, my friends were always there for me and I'll miss being around their energy 24/7.

Aside from my great friends, freshman year was also completely rewarding because I know that I will love my future career. I have such a deep passion and love for my major even after only taking a couple courses but I know that I made the best decision of my life for becoming a communications major. From only being in the department for one year I still learned that my department has the nicest, most passionate professors and students who love what they do, and I am so excited for what this brings me not only in the next three years of school but also in the future field.

It will be hard to adjust not being in school anymore, but I'm learning to accept that time is moving as fast as it is and before I know it I'll be saying goodbye to sophomore year of college. For now I'll enjoy summer and the great friends I have at home, but I will be excited once September rolls around and I can reunite with the people I've spent the past nine months getting to know and love.

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