So I have been a Public Health major for about two months and I am a junior in college. After two years of feeling like I was drowning every time I took a Biology class, I realized I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't be studying my butt off for every test and making 70s on them. I couldn't think anymore that getting a C in a class was a good thing because it was super hard. I had to find a way out and I did. I know so many people are two or three years into their major and hate it, but they feel like they can't do anything about it. My parents have always told my siblings and I that we should be getting a degree in something we love to do and want to do forever.

If you are, right now, doing something you hate with a passion, change your major. You shouldn't be getting a major in something that you feel like you're getting because someone else wanted you to do that. If you are getting a degree in a subject that you don't personally like, but someone else told you that you would be good at it, you shouldn't be in it. If you are feeling like you're drowning in a subject, then you probably shouldn't be in. Don't stress yourself out over a class or over a degree; getting a degree is something you should enjoy getting.

I would like to say that majority of people change their majors at least once during their college career. My mom was an International Business major and she graduated with a degree in Spanish with a minor in Education. My father was a Biology major and he graduated with a major in Accounting. I was a Biology major and now I will hopefully be graduating with a Public Health Degree and a Biology minor. I switched three weeks after my junior had already started and I am still going to be graduating on time.

Before I switched mine, I was absolutely terrified to switch because all I had known for two years was biology. I knew tons of people in my classes and where all the rooms in the building were. I felt like I belonged at the science building, until I didn't anymore. I began to go to my classes and not enjoy them anymore and not get excited about them. I knew that I couldn't be in a major I didn't enjoy or get excited about. As soon I switched, I knew that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt free. I was talking with my advisor about future classes and future internships and I began to feel that excitement again.

If you are stuck where I was two months ago, I would recommend that you give your major another thought. If you don't enjoy learning about the subject you're in, maybe look at something else that you enjoy. If you are a sophomore or a junior or even a senior, you still have plenty of time and plenty of ways to change your major. I know that it might feel like it's altering your life, but the first time you picked a major, you determined your life and you're just re-determining it. You should think about you before you change your major because if you're going to be a doctor and you don't want to do that, only your mom wants you to do that, well she's not the one being doctor, you are.