Now that it's officially summer, a majority of people don't have many responsibilities. For others, well, we still have to work. But if you have a job like mine, or maybe just have way too much time on your hands, having a side project is a blessing. Why? Because...

1. It keeps your brain working

Sometimes the best way to get tons of work done is to already be doing work. For example if you finish a task at work and find that you have extra time to spare, getting one of your own tasks done makes it easier to continue the productivity levels that you are at.

2. Depending on the side project, you build valuable skills

In my case, this summer I have an internship and a blog that I will be maintaining. Obviously the internship is going to help me, or should help me, gain more experience for a job in the future. As for the blog, getting your voice out is incredibly important. Many companies will use a blog to see if you would be a good candidate for their open position.

3. You won't be bored

Having something to do while you're at work or at home, makes being bored pretty unlikely. You will always have something to do with the project that you've taken up over the summer. This way you're not spending hours scrolling through social media or binge watching things on Netflix or just bingeing Youtube.

Other than those three reasons, side projects are always a great idea. Whether it's just for fun or if it is something that you are passionate about, doing something in your down time will benefit you in the long run. Or maybe just for the summer. Pick a side project and see where it takes you.