I asked nine people to tell me something good that happened to them this year, and here are their responses — because we all need some good news in life, even if it may not be our own.

1. "I learned how to be more outgoing, and I also found new ways to study and manage time better."

2. "I became more open-minded and passionate in the sciences."

3. "I learned how important it is to put yourself first sometimes and take care of yourself."

4. "I came to URI."

5. "The people I met."

6. "I did well in baseball."

7. "I got into my reach school!"

8. "Something happened to my dad but it taught me how you really need to make each day count and love life to the fullest."

9. "I organized a walkout at my high school that took a lot of work but in the end was rewarding."