Good News, Bad News
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Good News, Bad News

Top headlines that are sure to make you smile.

Good News, Bad News
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It seems as if every time we turn on the news or read the papers that the headlines are filled with bad news. There are innocent lives being taken, terrorism, war, shootings, political backlash and other disastrous events that leaves viewers with little hope that there is any good left in the world. Why do media outlets focus so much on the negatives and not the positives, when an equal amount of both would be just as affective?

That being said, here I present to you this week’s Good News/Bad News

“Love Your Neighbor As You Love Yourself”

Good News: An 87-year-old woman in England was rescued by police after being stuck for 4 days in her bathtub with nothing but a towel to keep her warm. Thanks to the concern of a local waitress at the woman’s favorite restaurant police were alerted.

Bad News: When the police arrived, this is what they found:

“Meowsic To Our Ears”

Good News: Youtuber iAmMoshow, known for his raps about his love of cats and his so called “cat ladies” recently posted a song raising awareness of the effects of declawing cats. “If I saved one cat from being declawed, then I feel like I’ve done my job,” iAmMoshow said.

Bad News: iAmMosow soon realized even if he could save the cats from the effects of declawing he couldn't save himself.

"The World's Gonna Know Your Name. What's Your Name, Man?"

Good News: This week in the midst of election banter, news went viral of the newest addition to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago that goes by the name of Alexander Camelton. The camel was born this past summer and there's a million things he hasn't done, but just you wait!

Bad News: The exhibit is sold out until 2017-2018 and tickets cost over a thousand dollars on average. You can thank the camel's mother, Lin Camuel Miranda.

“When Life Hands You Lemons…”

Good News: 7-year-old Sebastian Lucas sold lemonade for two years in hopes to save up for a pony. After raising $3000 his parents decided it was time to reward him for his work ethic.

Bad News: Sebastian’s parents have raised children’s expectation of parent’s across the nation making it harder for parents to just say NO!… as if spoiling children wasn’t a problem already.


"A Letter To Remember"

Good News: Ten years ago a young boy wrote a letter to a soldier overseas for a second grade assignment in which he invited her for pizza once she returned home. The letter even included a coupon for a local pizza restaurant. Ten years later U.S Army LT. Col. Sharlene Pigg tracked down a now 17-year-old Collin Martin and took him up on his offer.

Bad News: Here comes another Nicholas Sparks movie...

via"> GIPHY

via">">via GIPHY

"Series Spin Off"

Good News: It was confirmed this week that Disney Channel and Raven Simone are teaming up to produce a "That's So Raven 2.0." This will join the channel's line up of other shows like "Girl Meets World," the spinoff of "Boy Meets World," "The Lion Guard" a spinoff off the movie the "Lion King," and "The 7D" and spinoff of "Snow White."

via"> GIPHY

Bad News: The day has come...Disney is running out of ideas.

via"> GIPHY

"Halloween Costume Contest"

Good News: Killer clowns have nothing on 8 year old Jeremy MIller! Each year his father builds his costume around his wheel chair and this year he is driving around a Ghostbusters Ecto 1 vehicle!

Bad News: As long as he doesn't get pulled over this Halloween for driving with on a sugar high, I don't think there could be any bad news to come from this!

How creative Jeremy! Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! That's all for this week's Good News/ Bad News Headlines! Stay tuned for more.

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