We've all been there before: waking up to the same dreadful alarm clock, walking into the fluorescent filled bathroom, looking at yourself with bags deeper than Mary Poppin's purse under your eyes and thinking to yourself, "Man, I look exactly how I feel-- like crap."

Fear no more! Here are some helpful habits to try before 7 a.m. to feel refreshed every day.

1. DO NOT check your phone

This generation's version of the morning news.


This is probably one of the most common things people do first thing in the morning, but it should be your last. Waking up to turn off your alarm and then immediately navigating to your social media platforms just helps you procrastinate starting your day and easily tempts you to stay in bed longer than you need to.

2. Stretch

Wake up your body!


Take a few minutes every morning to wake up your joints and muscles. This helps posture and reduces the feeling of being tired.

3. Wash your face

Shrink those pores!


Splashing water on your face early in the morning is not only good for your skin, but it will also make you look less tired. This is also a good time to brush your hair and teeth and complete all the other morning rituals.

4. Change out of your pajamas

Applicable to those who still wear pajamas-- this ones for you.


Even if you have to do another outfit change later for work or an event, changing out of the clothes you slept in is a great way to prevent from crawling back in bed. Try it!

5. On that note, make your bed

Stop being lazy.


Making your bed every morning reduces the temptation of getting back in and, notably, is a great habit for a positive lifestyle. If you want to see why, Click Here for an inspiring speech on why making your bed first thing in the morning will have big impacts on your life.

6. Let in the light

Let there be light!


Flipping on the lights in the morning can be harsh on the eyes, and that isn't a way you want to start your morning. Try letting in some natural light and let your eyes ease into waking up! (Save that money, too!)

7. Don't forget the most important meal of the day

Feed your morning cravings.


Brew some coffee, whip up some bacon and eggs, or try a new recipe!

Breakfast is good for the body and soul--some downtime to your self before the day starts is really a silver lining. I guarantee your mood will positively increase, your production throughout the day will be more efficient, and you won't be left walking into work cranky and hungry!

So, before you wake up tomorrow and beam into your phone screen, mindlessly skimming over what you missed while you were asleep, take some time to yourself to achieve these small tasks all before 7 a.m. to better your mental and physical being. Not to mention, you won't feel like you've wasted half of the day!