36 Graduation Songs For An Ultimate Indiana University Class Of 2018 Playlist
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36 Graduation Songs For An Ultimate Indiana University Class Of 2018 Playlist

All the tunes necessary to live up those final moments of college before you head off to chase your dreams in this crazy world.

36 Graduation Songs For An Ultimate Indiana University Class Of 2018 Playlist
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With the end of the year quickly approaching after spring break, our Indiana University seniors are getting prepared for their graduation and they're looking to celebrate with good graduation songs for 2018.

After years of sweat, tears, and contemplation of whether college is worth it, the moment has finally arrived for the seniors to marvel at their success.

They did it.

They pushed out their many doubts and people telling them what they cannot do.

They studied hard and worked hard to arrive at a point in time they will cherish forever.

They will look back at the many memories they made and all the stupid mistakes they made and marvel at how far they have come in life.

They will see themselves as the victors at that moment in time for accomplishing one of their many goals and/or dreams.

No matter what failures you may arrive at in the future, you will always be champions at this moment and forever on. Because as a college student no more, you definitely have had your share of failures that have led to one of your many successes.

Furthermore, this is also the time where you may say goodbye for now until next time or goodbye forever to friends and/or family that have watched you grow and develop into the best version of yourself. This may be the conclusion of a long relationship that may be for the best because your rapidly changing lives are headed in different directions. This may be so long to a professor or instructor that shaped your life in more ways than you could have imagined.

Regardless of who you are leaving behind, this is the next step for you. Although it is hard, there is a future waiting for you that you must chase. It’s time for you to let your wings fly.

Seniors, with this playlist of good graduation songs for 2018, I hope you feel all the emotions you felt in this adventurous ride that is college and the emotions you feel now leaving college.

1. “We Are Young” by fun. feat. Janelle Monae

2. “The Edge of Glory” by: Lady Gaga

3. “I Won’t Give Up” by: Jason Mraz

4. “American Teen” by: Khalid

5. “We Are the Champions” by: Queen

6. “School’s Out” by: Alice Cooper

7. “I Was Here” by: Beyonce

8. “I’ll Remember” by: Nathan Hawes

9. “You Get What You Give” by New Radicals

10. “Not the End” by The So Manys

11. “Roots Before Branches (Glee Cast Version)” by: Glee Cast

12. “8TEEN” by Khalid [explicit]

13. “Glory Days (Glee Cast Version)” by: Glee Cast

14. “Forever Young (Glee Cast Version)” by: Glee Cast

15. “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by: Green Day

16. “Fly” by: Nicki Minaj feat. Rihanna [explicit]

17. “I’ll Always Remember You” by: Hannah Montana

18. “Prom Theme” by: Fountains of Wayne

19. “Congratulations” by: Post Malone feat. Quavo [explicit]

20. “Candle in the Wind” by: Elton John

21. “Let’s Go” by: Khalid [explicit]

22. “Tongue Tied” by: Grouplove

23. “Closing Time” by: Semisonic

24. “Hallelujah” by: Panic! At the Disco

25. “Road to Nowhere” by: Release the Sunbird

26. “Like a Champion” by: Selena Gomez

27. “Young - Gregor Salto Edit” by: Tulisa

28. “It’s Time” by: Imagine Dragons

29. “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by: Tears for Fears

30. “Little Wonders” by: Rob Thomas

31. “The Future Has Arrived” by: The All-American Rejects

32. “Hard to Explain” by: The Strokes

33. “Broke” by: Lecrae

34. “Almost There” by: Anika Noni Rose

35. “Victorious” by: Panic! At the Disco

36. “Castle on the Hill” by: Ed Sheeran

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