If you're anything like me (or know anything about me), you absolutely love Waffle House! It is the one stop shop for all your hunger, entertainment and recovery needs. There is nothing like going to a Waffle House at 2 a.m. to cap off a night of dancing and drinking. The whole menu is available throughout the day, so if you want breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast go right ahead (this is for the indecisive and the people who order an "uhhh" with water).

But Waffle House, despite the convenience of its locations, is only as great as the cooks on the grill will let it be.

I witnessed one of the greatest chef moments in history the last time I went to Waffle House, and the chef was none other than my good friend nicknamed Shooter.

Shooter has been working as a chef at the Waffle House on University Boulevard on the campus of the University of Alabama for the last three or four years. During this time, Shooter has seen one customer after a drunk customer comes through the doors and leave. He has his share of experiences, but most notable to him was when he had to run the restaurant by himself during an unexpected afternoon lunch rush. My experience with Shooter has always been pleasant and I even refer to him as the GOAT of cooking. But on this particular visit, he really showed that he was the real deal.

It was a regular Sunday slump day and just like any other human being, I decided that I would go to Waffle House for lunch. I walked in and immediately noticed Shooter, the nickname was given to him due to the fact that he wears a shooter sleeve with his uniform. He asked me what I wanted before my order was taken or put in and began to cook. During this time an old man came stumbling in and walked directly to the bathroom. Shooter acknowledged the man, as did he to Shooter, and proceeded to put more food on the grill. When the old man came out of the restroom he sat down at his table and was given his menu.

Shooter called out to the man, "What you getting?"

The old man replied, "A large hash browns with gravy please."

Shooter said, "Look at the grill."

A large hash brown with gravy was sitting on the grill waiting to be flipped and plated for the old man. I was left in shock and awe. This old man may have been a regular to Shooter, but it goes to show you the importance of having a relationship with the cooks at your Waffle House.

A Waffle House is only as good as its weakest chef.