Being a golf wife

10 Reasons Being A 'Golf Wife' Is The Newest Relationship Goal

Tired of searching for your dream husband? You probably haven't checked the golf course.


Golf. The first thing that may come to mind is the word "boring." Being a golfer's wife may seem even worse. But, I think you may just be making that assumption without taking in everything into consideration. I hope these reasons change your mind.

1. Golfers are respectful 

Adam Scott

Golf is all about respect and honesty. First of all, golf etiquette is one of the first things you learn as a golfer. You learn to make sure you dress appropriately, take care of the course, speak quietly, and control your temper. After each round, they take off their hats and shake hands with the person they played with and say how nice it was to play with them. You won't have to worry about your mans not respecting you if he's a golfer.

2. Golfers are all about honesty 

golf wife

Golf is one of those games where there are no referees. It is each golfer's job to be honest and call the penalties on yourself. If you don't want to get cuffed by a guy who is man enough to take the responsibility of calling mistakes on himself, then I don't know who you are.

3. Golfers dress to impress 

Billy Horschel

One of the main rules of golf is dressing the right way. A great example is to just look at the professionals on tour. Although they may be playing a sport, their golf course is their office and playing is their job. They come to the course every day in a nice polo always tucked into a fresh pair of slacks and a belt to hold them up. So, you won't have to worry when it comes to trying to fix up your S/O's sense of fashion.

4. Golfers value time 

Jason day

In golf, there are things called "tee times" as in, the time that you're assigned to start playing out on the course. If one shows up late and misses their tee time, no one will wait for them, and they either don't end up playing or they get penalized. So, you better believe your golfer boyfriend will never be late for a date or just to hang out with you. If they treat time with you like their tee time, they'll even be at least 15 minutes early. Plus, no golfer likes to spend more time on the course playing than they want to. So, be prepared for them to make their time with you as efficient, memorable, and meaningful as possible.

5. Golfers are creative

brooks koepka

When golfers get stuck behind a tree, have to hit a ball from inside a penalty area, or have to hit a shot with winds blowing 30mph and somehow hit an amazing shot onto the green, it takes a lot of imagination to think up of how to hit that shot and then execute it. They have a special kind of skill to be able to start the ball 20 yards left of the target and end up right by the hole. Creativity on the course can translate into a romantic gesture and beautiful times together if you get what I'm going for.

6. Golfers are patient and mentally tough 

Cameron tringale

Every time a golfer goes out to play, it's different. Unlike other sports, like basketball for example, where it's always the same court, the same playing environment, golf is played in a wide variety of conditions from different kinds of grass and hole designs to weather conditions like hail to hundred-degree temperatures. So obviously, golf can be tough sometimes. Some days, it's easy and sometimes, it's a grind for the whole day. Golfers are trained to be patient in tough times and to be mentally tough when they're under pressure and they have to make a 15-foot putt to win the tournament. In a relationship, golfers can be patient in the hard times and be tough enough to handle hard situations with grace and with a tactical mindset instead of an over-emotional one to work through them.

7. Golfers are athletes 

Dustin Johnson

A lot of people assume that when golfers go out to play, they always drive a golf cart or have caddies. But, that's actually not that case. More often than not, players will carry a golf bag that weighs about 25 to 30 pounds on their back while playing and walking the course. I bet you didn't know that 18 holes of golf is about a six mile walk. Imagine walking six miles with a 30-pound weight on your back. Not to mention for those college golfers who play 36 holes in one day, they do double that. Golfers lift weights, do cardio sessions, work on core strength, stability, and flexibility just like any other athlete. So, you won't have to worry about your golf hubby trying to keep fit.

8. Golfers know the true meaning of hard work and perseverance 

Ryder cup

Since this game is so difficult and the conditions are always changing, golfers especially know how much work it truly takes to be successful on the course. Whether it be hitting hundreds of balls on the driving range or never leaving the putting green until the course closes, they work hard to become at least 1% better every day, no matter how hard it gets. They know that the long, difficult hours are all for a more important, long term end goal. So, it's easy to say that they won't be unfamiliar with working hard in a relationship to make it a healthy one and never giving up until it's perfect.

9. Golfers are skilled in being sociable

Rory McIlroy and niall horan

When playing, it's pretty rare to play it alone and most of the time, golfers end up playing with people that they've never met before. A round of golf can last between four to six hours. That's a lot of time to be spending with a stranger. Because of this golfers have developed a special skill in small talk, getting a conversation started, and keeping it going. With that much time together, they never run out of questions to ask and keep the game fun and interesting while waiting for their turn to hit. If you're looking for a partner with whom you won't have those awkward silences, golfers are your best bet.

10.  Last but not least, if you haven't noticed already, golfers are SNACKS

Rickie fowler

Come on people. The tucked in shirts. The athleticism. The professionalism. The intelligence. They're amazing.

Hopefully, you've realized that golf is worth investing some time into if you know what I'm saying. I won't be surprised if after reading this, ladies, you call your dad to take you to the course and "pick up golf" just to scope things out.

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6 Important Must Knows For Dating Sassy And Sarcastic Girls

Brace yourselves boys, she's a tough one.

Dating a girl with a big personality can be tricky. They are some of the most amazing girls but to keep them, one needs to understand them. Here are six important things you must be aware of before you give your heart to a sassy and sarcastic girl.

1. Stubborn

She is going to be the most stubborn creature you will ever meet. I say "creature" because she might actually scare you with how much she refuses to back down until you have full proof she is wrong. And if you can’t prove her wrong, just suck up your pride and let her be right or she’ll never quit. But just remember that she’s simply passionate about whatever it is and you should be proud of her for that.

2. Bluntness

She is going to be blunt. So be prepared to hear the truth. She isn’t going to care how mad you get, if you’re being rude, she won’t be afraid to put you in your place. If your choice of clothing isn’t matching, she’ll tell you. Whatever it is, she isn’t going to keep the truth from you. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes she’s just a little too straightforward.

3. Sensitivity

Be careful sometimes with your choice of words. Though she is blunt, she is also sensitive. Her sarcastic personality is sometimes just a defense mechanism because she fears opening up. She worries a lot and continues to ponder the things you say. Remind her she is loved.

4. Friends

She is going to have a lot more guy friends than she will have girl friends. Why? Because guys tend to find more humor in her sarcasm and don’t take it so personal, whereas other girls take it as she’s being serious and just rude. However, don’t be jealous because trust me, you’re 100 percent hers and those guy friends are just that — friends.

5. Insults

She’s not going to flirt with you by giggling and blushing and calling you cute. She’s going to call you an idiot and smack you across the shoulder or back because to her, that’s easier than being all giddy and speechless over how much she likes you. And even when she’s calling you names, which really is in all fun and games, she doesn’t mean it seriously, she’s actually just saying “I love you” in her own special language.

6. Shorty

If she’s short in addition to being sassy and sarcastic, you’re in for a big treat with her. She is not only going to be full of fast wit, but she is going to have so much spunk in her you won’t know what to do. She will be so feisty that she won’t be afraid of anything or anyone and you yourself won’t even know how to handle her. That’s what makes her special.

It takes a certain type of person to be able to give their heart to someone who can so easily break it with their strong headed personality. But a sarcastic and sassy girl is going to be the one girl who is going to love you with all that she has. Treat her right, and she’ll treat you right.

Cover Image Credit: Larisa Birta

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2 Series Of Must-Reads If You Enjoy Fantasy

2 series, 7 books; all underdogs that deserve more appraisal than received.


When you hear 'fantasy', you probably think of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and so on. Basically the books that were (poorly) transformed into movies that, regardless, we still love. However, I'm one of those books worms that advocate for the underdogs of the fantasy genre. When it comes to the more renown series, I tend to expect them to be phenomenal based on reviews and opinions of my friends. Usually they end up being a huge let-down either because the books didn't meet my expectations or I got so bored that I stopped reading them altogether.

As far as I'm aware, these series don't have movies based off of them, although they should and are deserving of them. The storylines would honestly put Twilight and The Vampire Diaries to shame. Granted, it doesn't take much to discredit Twilight and I'm actually a fan of the TVD show, but that doesn't excuse the fact that the books were far more boring than what was on our screens. Hollywood deserves, at least some, appraisal for these; I know it wasn't easy. It just goes to show that if Hollywood can turn those trainwrecks into something at least semi-successful, the following books deserve the same chance.

These book series are from my personal collection and are honestly so underrated with the content and storylines:


1. The 'Hush Hush' saga

Personal Photo

Written by Becca Fitzpatrick, this is a "girl meets boy" love story. It includes the cliché dark secrets, curiosity, and so on, but the catch is that the main male character is a fallen angel. He wishes to become human but in order for him to do that, he has to kill a human or he has to return as a guardian angel. He has a target but, of course, love gets in the way. Nora, our main heroine, is drawn into our main male character, Patch. Aside from his perfectly chiseled body, all the questions she's bombarded with raise Nora's curiosity. 'Who is this guy?'

They face a journey filled with enemies, close calls, a war, and more. But don't worry, there's a happy.. and frisky ending.

In the beginning especially, it's extremely noticeable that Becca Fitzpatrick was inspired by the layout of the Twilight saga. But DON'T LET THAT DISCOURAGE YOU. Although inspired, Fitzpatrick's writing and vision put Stephanie Meyer's to shame. Fitzpatrick's detail, imagery, and attention grabbing style makes it easy for readers to imagine themselves in the characters' shoes and creates a perfect, movie-like play-by-play in their head. All the mystery, secrets, and romance keeps readers (or at least myself) on their toes and makes them want more.

I honestly couldn't put these books down. I finished the entire saga in a day and a half, and I always find myself rereading it when I have nothing better to do. This was my go-to saga in high school and still is today.

The books, in order, are 'Hush, Hush', 'Crescendo', 'Silence', and 'Finale' as pictured.

2. 'The Forest of Hands and Teeth' series

Personal Photo

Written by Carrie Ryan, this is a post-apocalyptic romance filled with despair, tragedy, and love triangles. There is a fenced-in village in the middle of the woods, separated and considered to be the safest place in the world. The Unconsecrated, zombies that rose from a type of virus, are relentless when it comes to their victims. One bite, one open-wound injury created by an Unconsecrated inevitably transforms you into one of them, forcing you to leave your life behind. The main character, Mary, was a victim of the Unconsecrated because they took her family, except for her and her brother. Now they live alone amongst the other villagers and life-long friends with underlying love. Seeking the truth from the secretive Sisters, Mary is determined to get out of the village to find more survivors; more life aside from the surrounding undead.

The storyline stretches over time in Mary's life, into the next generation living among the Unconsecrated. It's a story of love, loss, and survival. Carrie Ryan's style and imagery makes it seem like you're in their shoes, at risk of becoming a victim of the undead. It's an exciting play-by-play that keeps you on your toes, attaches you to characters, and makes you yearn for the discoveries and survival.

I have reread this series to the point that the books aren't looking too great. They're paperback so that's relatively easy, but the spines and covers are definitely not the best quality anymore. And the pages.. oh lord. The first book came out in 2010, as did the second, and the third in 2011, which gives you a vague idea of how many times I've reread them over the years. I definitely recommend this series.

The books, in order, are 'The Forest of Hands and Teeth', 'The Dead-Tossed Waves', and 'The Dark and Hollow Places' as pictured.

I know, short list. But a short list consisting of seven books that are great reads. Perhaps I'm biased because I've reread them so much, aside from the fact that the more famous series/sagas in this genre bored me, nearly, to tears. When it comes to books, I tend to enjoy the underrated side of things. They don't get as much publicity but they are hidden gems that should be recognized more, especially these.

Maybe it takes a certain person to distance themselves from wizards, hobbits, and such? I don't know, but people have their preferences like I have mine.

I highly encourage and recommend these books to any and all readers. I guarantee you won't want to put it down. Hell, I didn't want to stop to eat and that's my favorite pass time since I'm basically a female incarnate of Joey Tribbiani. I had to literally be pulled away to eat, sleep, and go to work and class. If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will.

Nowadays, I don't have time to read a lot. But I know with these books, I won't be disappointed. Very rarely do I recommend books so when I do, it's a must-read.

Although at the end of the day, the ultimate judgement is yours.

Happy reading!


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