Going To A Concert Alone Isn't Nearly As Bad As You Might Think

Going To A Concert Alone Isn't Nearly As Bad As You Might Think

Nerve-wracking, but definitely worth it.

Becca Hobbs

I started off the month of October by doing something I had never done before, something that was definitely out of my comfort zone -- I went to a concert by myself. On October 1, artist Yung Gravy would be performing in my hometown of Cincinnati, and once I found out, I knew I had to go. What started as listening to his music just because it was funny, over a few months I started to really like his music and I became a fan. I was now officially aboard the "Gravy Train".

I was super excited, but realized when the concert grew closer that if I wanted to go, I had to go alone. Friends wouldn't have been able to make it in time, but I was determined to go. On the night of the concert, I took an Uber to Bogart's, the venue the concert would be held. It was nerve-wracking heading there on my own, not being positive on what to expect. I had been to the venue once before, but was still nervous to attend by myself.

Once I got to Bogart's, it was crazier than I anticipated. The line to get in surpassed my expectations, almost going around the whole building! I was surprised to reach a corner expecting to near the end of the line, just to turn and see a longer line of concertgoers. After turning two or three corners, the end of the line was finally in sight. As I waited, the line progressively became even longer behind me, and I quietly walked in line while other groups of people talked about various things.

I felt awkward at first, seeming to be the only person in line who didn't have someone else to talk to. It turned out not being as weird as I thought, and I was okay with keeping to myself while looking forward to seeing Yung Gravy. Another aspect of the concert I felt awkward about was finding my place in the crowd.

Bogart's is mainly a general admission, standing room only venue. There are some chairs on higher levels, but the main floor is a big empty space in front of the stage. I was really nervous that I wouldn't get a good spot to see from once I finally got into the building. I'm not an aggressive person, and also have some difficulty with being assertive. Luckily, I was able to squeeze my way through some people to get to the restrooms, and near the restrooms there was some space to stand that I still got a clear view of the stage.

Something else that can work in one's favor in a standing room venue is that people move. Throughout the opening act, some people would pass by me to go somewhere else, creating more space to get a little bit closer to the stage. Also, with people dancing, the crowd tends to naturally travel and you often end up in a different spot without even realizing it.

With the movement of the crowd, by the time Yung Gravy came on I was slightly closer than I was originally, and was able to easily get even closer as his set went on. I had so much fun being able to jump around and sing along with many other fans to the music and to see Yung Gravy in person! And you don't have to worry about what anyone else might think, because no one knows you and other people are there just to have fun as well. You also don't have to worry about anyone else, and can just let go and have fun.

Of course it's also really fun to go to a concert with friends or family and experience it together, but I'm also glad I got to experience what it's like going to a concert by myself. You can still have so much fun and enjoy everything going alone, and it's a good form of self-care, too. Overall, this experience has reinforced the fact that you shouldn't be held back from doing something you're interested in just because you don't have other people to go with. And although it can be scary, you'll be proud of yourself that you did it and likely enjoy yourself more than you originally thought, and learn some things about yourself along the way.

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