On the spectrum of personalities, some of us fall smack in the middle between extrovert and introvert. Some of us are known as ambiverts. We’re different. We don’t fit into either category exactly. We’re just as content hanging out with friends as we are chilling at home alone with a good book or our latest Netflix obsession.

Being an ambivert myself, there are stages that we go through during a night out with friends. Without further adieu, here are five stages of going out, as told by an ambivert.

1. Getting ready

You're pumped. It's been a long week and you need some serious hang time with your friends. So you're all by a mirror perfecting your makeup, finally deciding on jeans or a skirt, telling inside joke after inside joke and jamming to music. Watching you completely content in your element no one would be able to tell that you're not always this outgoing.

2. The arrival

You're vibing some serious squad goals.

3. Going hard

Someone suggested shots. Who was that? Oh right, me.

4. When annoying strangers approach you

When your friends are at the bar and you're holding down the table and somehow that always sends a signal to creepy guys that they should come up and say weird things to you. Times like these remind you how much you like not being around other humans. A more extroverted person might oblige and speak to them for a while, but you understand that this interaction is a waste of both of your time so you cut it short, whatever way you can.

5. Heading home

The introvert side of you is done being social for the night.

6. Home

Alone and OK with it.