I went to college to get an education and to gain the knowledge to open my own photography studio. I knew I would learn a lot, I just didn't know that I would learn in, and outside of the classroom. I knew that college would be a different atmosphere and I was more than ready for it but at the same time, there is always reason for worry. I am so glad that I decided to go to college because this has been the best decision I have ever made.

Became more independent.

When I started college, I didn't have a parent yelling at my to do my homework. Instead, I can spend hours binge-watching Netflix or sleeping all day. Sometimes I regret it later, but it was still my decision. When I needed help, I chose to get help. I didn't have to have someone to get it for me. Just sent a few emails to set up appointments, and soon after feel happy and proud that I did.

Gained confidence.

I gained confidence in not only myself but also in my art. I became more confident in speaking out on my ideas and to show my personality a little more. I started not caring so much about what people think of the way I act or look. I became more confident in my photography and gave me the confidence to go on with my goals. I may have my insecurities, at times, but I am a lot happier with myself than I have been probably since before middle school.

Met people who have an impact on my life.

With a whole different school and environment compared to high school, your circle of friends becomes more diverse with different kinds of people who all have a different story to tell. Pretty soon I found more people that have gone through similar struggles as I've had and gained a support system like never before.

Became less ignorant of the world around me.

I no longer became sheltered with my parent's ideas. I became more aware of what is happening around me, and can easily discuss these events with my friends. Not only have I learned more about politics, but health issues as well. Whether it's about what a migraine really is, or what it's like to have a brother with autism or a grandma that went through Alzheimer's. I feel like I've learned more than I could even think to Google.

Started my way to adulthood.

College, for me, was the stepping-stone to adulthood. Usually, when living at home, if I needed a pair of toenail clippers or a screwdriver, I could simply get it. But when I moved on campus, I couldn't do that as easily. I had to get the little items that I need, and will be needing for the rest of my life.