There is no feeling quite like the one that you get as classes approach again after a long, relaxing break. The sequence of events that slowly begin to happen as both the teachers and students prepare for a full schedule of stress again gives most people a stomach ache. Please find some humor as "Grey's Anatomy" describes what we are all feeling inside as we realize that classes are beginning again. I mean, who needs sleep and a social life, anyway?

1. When your teacher assigns work over break

No, I really don't care about your class... yet. Too soon.

2. When you start to think about classes starting again

If I pretend it's not happening, will that make it go away?

3. When your teacher sends the generic "Welcome to My Class" e-mail

*Types into Google* "How much does a stripper make a year?"

4. Reading the syllabus like

Hey, at least we get a week devoted to nothing.

5. Realizing classes start in a matter of days

So not ready yet.

6. When they talk about optional meetings that may be beneficial to the class


7. Discussing dropping out with your friends

Thanks, I needed that.

8. When you think about your qualities that could help you get by if you drop out

Emphasis on the "..."

9. Looking at the class schedule

Who needs a social life, anyway?

10. When the teacher is already telling you to "look up" every question you ask

I already don't like you.

11. Not feeling like you are qualified for the classes you are taking

Adulting is hard.

12. Convincing yourself that you can handle it all

Deep breath in, deep breath out. You got this.

13. When your teacher asks if you did the work he/she assigned over break


14. Beginning your first assignment

15. Taking the first exam

Does it really matter how many apples Sally has left when divided by the square root of the sun?

16. When your friends ask how you did on the first exam

17. The reoccurring question

18. And of course, encouraging your classmates that sticking with it will be worth it in the end

All joking aside, this is your sign that you've got this. I have faith in you, and it's going to be worth it!