Ahhh, back to school. The time of year that students both highly anticipate and dread simultaneously. It's never easy to end a leisurely and relaxing (if you didn't take summer classes) break and get back into a routine of balancing classes, sleep, and social life. Luckily, with the help of the Disney Channel Original Movie, High School Musical, I am going to break down the thoughts and emotions that every student faces at the beginning of a new semester.


You arrive back on your beautiful campus after being separated all summer.

You reunite with your friends and nothing could be better.

You and your squad talk about all the different organizations you want to join, and how involved you'll be this year.

You go to a big party/ bar night to celebrate the last night of summer.

Now It's the first day of class and you look at your class schedule. You're pumped because you have pretty easy courses.

"I'm going to make a 4.0 this semester!"

In class, your professor starts going over his/her classroom policies.

Then, they actually start lecturing... on syllabus day.

Over the next few days you start to see how much work your professors assigned for the semester.

You begin to attempt to get your life organized.

You take your first test and turn in your first assignments like:

You get said tests and assignments back.

But it's okay, because you know that...