Spring break is usually spent partying somewhere warm and fun or spent catching up on some sleep and relaxing from the stress school has put on you. This week my roommates and I decided to fly down to Florida to visit one of the girls' parents. I knew it would be a nice trip just to get out of the cold and spend some more times with my friends, but what I didn't know is how much closer it would actually bring us.

What happens when you go away with your roommates for a week is endless nights of staying up until 4am, crying to one another about how thankful you are for each other. And everyday, blaring the only five songs you guys will listen to, the loudest it can possibly be, while laying out and soaking in every ray of sun.

You will grow so close with your best friend's sisters and you will feel like you've been apart of this family your entire life. You'll go out for every meal and leave your number for the waiter just to make your friends laugh. You will talk about the boys who make you cry and the boys who make your heart so full it hurts. You'll play would-you-rather for hours and learn stupid, little things about each other. You'll realize that these girls were put into your life for a reason and you wouldn't want to change anything you did in the past because every action leading up until now has led you to these girls.

I already knew these girls were my best friends, but being forced to spend every minute of every day with them brought us closer than I could have ever imagined. I am even more thankful for the people that are put into my life today because I know they are people that truly care about me and want to be in my life. Just when you think you've got nothing left, take a look around. There are people out there that will make you want to stay up until 4am, laughing and crying until you can't breathe anymore. Look for those people and keep them close.